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Statement on 10/1 Las Vegas Massacre.

(Katy, Texas) Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield, Christian Growth and Healing Expert at SelfGrowth.Com and founder of Faithinspires.Org released the following statement after Sunday night’s mass shooting in Las Vegas,

” I awoke a little while ago to news of the horrific massacre in Las Vegas Last night. My heart breaks for the people killed and injured and their families. No word on the shooter’s motive has been released. Even the first thought that struck me was that hearts and minds need to be changed away from the climate of Anger, Frustration, and violence that has been increasing across the country the last few years.
NO ONE can heal or change hearts and minds like Jesus Christ. This is why I encourage so much prayer following tragedies like this. Such events are beyond our understanding, much less our ability to prevent them.
I pray that those killed, injured, and their families receive God’s mercy, strength and comfort. I also pray that God have mercy on our nation and lead us to heal those things that are working so hard to divide us.”


Pastor Crutchfield can also be seen on YouTube at


FaithInspires.Org Invites All Christians to Partner in its Ministry to the World

(Katy, Texas) FaithInspires.Org is a Christian news and information blog that has grown to the point where it was read in 195 countries in 2015 ! Up until now it has dome its work with almost no budget, meaning its potential to reach people around the world has barely been tapped. It can only spend money as it comes in. Which is why they are reaching out to their fellow Christians to power the ministry’s future growth.

For less than a dollar per day anyone, anywhere with a checking account, credit card or debit card can partner with FaithInspires.Org to bring Christian news and information to everywhere the internet can reach ! The site is edited by minister and Christian writer Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield. Critchfield or his work have been seen at ChristianHeadlines.Com, SelfGrowth.Com, Katy Christian Magazine, and many others.

Crutchfield even served as chaplain to his local fire department for three and a half years. This gives him a unique perspective on events in and out of the church. Best Selling Christian Author Loree Lough even used him as inspiration behind the 1890’s minster Rev. Robert Crutchfield in her book Guardians of the Heart. Before that she featured his First Responders Prayer in all three of her First Responders Series of novels.

FaithInspires.Org also features a keyword searchable archive of over 1,200 previous articles covering dozens of topics. This makes it a incredible resource for education and research. More funding is needed on a regular basis to build this resource further and make as many people possible aware of its existence.

Every person who donates just $25 per month is considered a vital partner in this ministry ! Crutchfield explains, “ Our partners are vital to our ministry because they give critical stability to our finances, which allows us to make plans on more than on a month to month basis like we do now.”

Joining their partner program is as easy as filling out the form at:

Crutchfield also said “ I don’t want to be misunderstood, we appreciate every donation of whatever kind or size. However at this stage of our growth we are desperately in need of the kind of consistent funding that our partner program will provide.”