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INOE Organizes Maiden International Day of Prayer for the Unsaved!

INOE International Day of Prayer for the Unsaved is being organized by The International Network of Online evangelists (INOE).
INOE is an online evangelism-based global Christian organization founded in 2016. It is a global network of Christians, who share the Gospel of Christ on the Internet.
According to John Adelakun, INOE Co-Founder and Int’l. President, the organization’s vision is to help Christians effectively reach out to, win and disciple souls for Christ through the Internet by equipping them with the knowledge of the effective methods of online evangelism, and by giving them all the needed spiritual, moral and ministerial support. It also works to facilitate the spreading of the Gospel of Christ around the world.
INOE International Day of Prayer for the Unsaved is aimed at encouraging Christians globally to  pray for the salvation of others for at least 5 minutes on the same day.
INOE International Day of Prayer for the Unsaved is believed to connect Christians from different locations all over the world on the same day through intercessory prayer, so as to contribute immensely to world evangelization.
In the words of Peter Adelakun, INOE Co-Founder and Int’l. Vice President (Africa), “Christians all over the world can choose to pray for their relatives, friends and others, who are yet to be saved on this day.” He further disclosed that, “if millions of Christians across the globe could dedicate at least 5 minutes of their time on a particular day of the year to pray for the salvation of others, hundreds of thousands of hours would have been judiciously spent in getting the hearts of thousands of sinners ready to respond favourably to the Gospel of Christ. This, we believe, would contribute immensely to world evangelization.”
As the inaugural INOE International Day of Prayer for the Unsaved comes up 20th August, 2017, those participating in the prayer event have the opportunity to choose the time that is most suitable to them to pray on the above-mentioned day.
Christians, Christian churches, Christian evangelism-based organizations, Christian mission agencies, Christian organizations, Christian schools, colleges, etc, around the world, are encouraged and expected to actively participate in this one-day spiritual exercise.
Those interested in the maiden INOE International Day of Prayer for the Unsaved are enjoined to contact the event’s Global Co-ordinator, Shem Mutulu, who also doubles as INOE Secretary-General, for more information. They can contact him thus:

Internationally Known Christian Blogger Backs Day of Prayer for Police

(Katy, Texas) Recently the Houston Police Officers Union (HPOU) issued a call for a state-wide day of prayer on October 19th at 1pm. As their press release sates “We are calling upon all organizations to come together, as a unified group to support law enforcement, the community, and the leadership of the State of Texas. Our vision is one of unification, not only among law enforcement agencies, but within the communities in which we serve.”

They go on to explain their goals this way “we are encouraging each agency (police dept. sheriff’s dept. etc) to reach out to local clergy within their community along with city leaders for  a1pm state wide prayer at your local city hall or union hall, in conjunction with  a prayer on the steps of the state capitol. ” The series of events that will take place that day are collectively being called “Let’s Pray Texas.”


On hearing of the effort internationally known Christian blogger Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield based in Katy, Texas had this reaction, ” No one doubts that there are police officers out there that are not what they should be. Just as no one doubts that there are too many families and communities out there hurting, over regrettable incidents with which we are all becoming too familiar. However the majority of law enforcement officers are brave, hard working people doing a job of incomprehensible complexity. I pray this effort will not only be successful, but become an ever growing national movement cementing the relationship between our communities and our law enforcement officers in prayer.”  Crutchfield is founder of FaithInspires.Org a Christian blog read in over 195 countries last year. He founded and runs the National First Responder Prayer Team group on Facebook which has nearly 450 members. He also serves as a Christian growth and healing expert at the world’s leading self help website.

Organizers of Let’s Pray Texas are using the hashtags #P4P and #LPT to coordinate things on social media.





Evangelical Leaders Campaign for National Hope: ‘Make Church Great Again'(tm)

DENVER, Aug. 23, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ — In just a few days, churches across the nation will attempt to inject hope into this election season by participating in a campaign of congregational renewal and extraordinary prayer. Pastor, author and conference speaker Daniel Henderson is spearheading this effort because he is convinced that too many Christians are feeling an unprecedented hopelessness about the current state of affairs in our nation. This campaign aims to instill new optimism and deeper faith in God’s ability to transform our society.

Henderson says, “We have overestimated the role national government serves in actually bringing real change to our nation. Our history proves that America has been more prosperous during times of spiritual revival. Our nation will never be great again until the church is great – according to God’s terms.” Henderson is convinced that the single greatest need in our nation today is Jesus Christ living through a revived church. The campaign will culminate with a live national webcast on October 22 (also called “Make CHURCH Great Again!”) with churches all across North America participating.

Daniel Henderson served as the pastor of several mega-churches over a period of 25 years and is now the leader of a national renewal movement, Strategic Renewal International. He speaks regularly in leadership conferences, local churches and is the author of 10 books.

The “Make Church Great Again” campaign will feature a four-week study designed for congregations, Sunday School classes and small groups. Each week will feature a 10-minute video lesson, interactive discussion guide and a dynamic participatory prayer tool. The four themes are:

  • Part One: The Picture of a Great Church
  • Part Two: The Portrait of a Great Christian
  • Part Three: The Priorities of a Great Leader
  • Part Four: The Possibility of a Great Future
Accompanying this study will be an optional resource, Henderson’s newest book, Old Paths, New Power – Awakening Your Church through Prayer and the Ministry of the Word.

Alveda King: Paris Terror Should Remind Us to Pray

NEW YORK, Nov. 16, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — Alveda King releases the following and is available for comment:
With the recent terrorists outbreak in Paris comes the urgent reminder of how everywhere people need the Lord.
Now, as we pray for the families who have lost loved ones to terrorism in Paris and around the world, let’s examine the facts surrounding the terror.
Abraham’s family feud
The family feud between Muslims and Jews aka Arabs and Hebrews is ancient. They have the same Grandfather, Abraham. For a solution, reconciliation is required. All the bombs and guns in the world won’t do it. Isaac and Ishmael must come together in God’s love and grace. All Arabs and Muslims aren’t evil.
Conflict between the two sons of Abraham began from the very start. Genesis 21:9 says the conflict began just after Isaac was weaned: “Now Sarah saw the son of Hagar the Egyptian, whom she had borne to Abraham, mocking.”
Galatians 4 tells us that Ishmael had been “born according to the flesh” while Isaac had been “born according to the promise.” Isaac replaced Ishmael as the favored son and heir. This, of course, made Ishmael jealous and bitter. As a result, he mocked and disdained his half-brother. Eventually the situation became so intolerable that Abraham’s wife Sarah demanded that Ishmael and his Egyptian concubine mother, Hagar, be expelled permanently from Abraham’s family.
But YHWH loved Hagar and her son, and had mercy upon them. The Bible and Islamic tradition both agree that Ishmael became the leader of all the great desert peoples of the Middle East.
Yet, this jealousy and resentment between Sarah and Hagar and their sons Isaac and Ishmael created an unparalleled hate which has set off wars and atrocities for four thousand years. In spite of wealth and blessings that God promised and delivers to both Ishmael and Isaac, it is the title deed to the land of Israel, which God promised to Abraham’s lineage, which has been the source of the friction between the Jews and the Arabs right up to the present day.
A world in trouble
Having explained all of this, there is still no excuse for terrorism. ISIS must go. Yet lest we forget, ISIS is not the only threat to our nation and the word. Poverty, racism, domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual perversion, abortion and so much more are also rending the moral fabric of our world.
The solution
With global threats, looming elections, war talk and the like, we must ask ourselves if human solutions will be enough to sustain our world. Is there more from heavenly corridors?
“God loved the world this way: He gave his only Son so that everyone who believes in him will not die but will have eternal life.” John 3:16 GW
Now more than ever we must cry out to God for deliverance. Pray for America and our world.

Officials in Mexico Give God the Credit for the Lightness of Damage and Injury from Hurricane Patricia.

By Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield, Editor FaithInspires.Org

As Hurricane Patricia lurked off the Mexican Coast things looked absolutely ominous. She was a dangerous Category 5 storm, with sustained winds of over 200 miles per hour. By some measures, she was the strongest hurricane ever in the Western Hemisphere. Experts and emergency officials were not encouraged. There was credible concern that hundreds were about to die, and billions of dollars in damage about to be suffered. It would almost certainly be one of the worst disasters Mexico had ever seen. Meteorologists from as far away as the United Kingdom were tracking the storm minute by minute, because it was thought to be so historical.

As is common with hurricanes the her track was very uncertain up to the last minute. Resort areas known around the world were evacuated. Mexico’s largest container port was battened down tight. Patricia came ashore. Then something happened, or more accurately barely did. Patricia came ashore in a much less populated area than was feared. There were thousands of injuries, but all minor. As much as 24 hours after landfall not a single storm related death had been conformed. There was damage, but only a small fraction of what you would expect from a category 5 hurricane. The concern was so grave prayers for Mexico, and her people were offered up from all over the world. Given the outcome many believe that those prayers were answered in a big way !

Roberto Sandoval, governor of Nayarit state, told CNN en Español “We as government are not supposed to mention faith and God but the only thing I can tell you is that God helped and watched over us so this monster of a hurricane did not hurt us here in Nayarit and in Mexico,” Patricia could have gone a little north or a little south and this story would have been much different. Instead we have highly placed Mexican government official giving the unseen hand of God credit for the mind boggling way things played out.

CNN also quoted David Ramirez, nursing chief at a small clinic in Melaque as saying, “We expected a much bigger disaster,” continuing his comment with. “We believe God helped us through this monster hurricane. We’re still here.”

So history may remember Hurricane Patricia, not as Mexico’s greatest disaster, but as one of her greatest miracles.

Hume Lake Christian Camps Rallies Churches for Continued Prayer for Fire Protection

HUME, Calif., Aug. 22, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — The Rough Fire continues to advance to Hume Lake Christian Camps, located in the Sequoia National Forest. The Hume staff and community are asking for continued prayer in a few specific areas this weekend.

Pray for the hundreds of firefighters working the fire, including the volunteer Hume fire department, and for the handful of Hume staff who remain behind to keep basic camp operations going for the firefighters. Pray for the displaced camp staff and their families, many of them who have loved ones remaining at Hume.

Pray for the cancellation of retreats and guests to Hume and the loss of revenue with that. Pray for the team as they coordinate the logistics and volunteers to restart camp operations.

“We are not defined by our buildings or facilities,” said Executive Director, Dathan Brown to the staff on Saturday morning. “We are defined by our mission.”

Hume Lake Christian Camps is a year-round youth camp and adult retreat center providing epic, high-energy, life-changing programs for churches, schools, teams and groups. Since 1946, more than one million campers have gone through this ministry and experienced the love and power of a life lived in Christ through recreation, music and speaking.

The Rough Fire began with a lightning strike on July 31, 2015 and now encompasses over 40,000 acres.

Prayer: The Way Through Disaster

By Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield
Editor, FaithInspires.Org

Disasters come in many shapes and sizes. A Family may find itself facing their home lost in a fire, a job loss, death of a member and any other things. A Community could face wildfires, tornadoes, floods, disease out breaks, explosions etc. Over the years I have been a Red Cross Disaster volunteer, a state guardsman, a U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliarist, and a fire department chaplain. I have at least minimal training or experience responding to disaster with boats, planes, helicopters and more I even read recently about NASA’s new CYGNSS microsatellites which will greatly increase hurricane predictions. So I have a pretty good idea of what can be done to help people in all sizes of disasters. And I do not want to be misunderstood, these groups do very critical work in times of disaster, and I am very proud of the associations I have been blessed to have with them

Years ago I met John Glenn when he was running for president. If running for president wasn’t enough he had already been a highly decorated Marine, one of our country’s most legendary astronauts, and a U.S. Senator. When I first met Rick Perry who is currently running for president he was Texas’ elected Agriculture Commissioner. He came to Houston to ask me and a couple of dozen other local leaders if he should run for Lt. Governor. All told I have help appointed office, or other positions at the party, city, county, regional, state, and federal levels. So I also have a fair idea what can be done from the halls of power for disaster or anything else.

All of which I tell you so you will fully grasp what I am about to say. Out of all the power I have seen be it political, governmental, non profit groups, I have only witness on power great enough to see you through any disaster that may come your way. That power is the power of prayer !

Only power can grant you peace when the storms are ranging. Prayer is the key to the strength you need when yours alone is not enough. Prayer is so powerful that even non spiritual people find that the simple act of venting their challenges through praying (especially aloud) actually does help them. The point of this last point is very powerful alone. Think about it for a minute, even if God were not real ( but of course he is !) there is very good reason to believe that pray could still help ! You truly have nothing to lose !.

When the fire department, Red Cross or whomever have left. Prayer and its pipeline to God will still be there for you. It will never leave you.

T.D. Jakes once had this to say about the value of prayer in times of adversity,
“ Prayer will get you out of a pinch, prayer will get you out of a crises, prayer will get you out of your dilemma, prayer will get you out of your trouble.”

Jakes in his comment even seems to emphasis just as a do that prayer has the ability to scale itself so that it is more than big enough to tackle whatever you may be facing !

I have seen just about every kind of power this world has to offer. So I can tell you with great creditability, that when you are facing disaster large or small nothing has the power to see you through like prayer !

Make National Grandparents’ Day a Day of Prayer for Your Grandchildren

TIGARD, Ore., June 29, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — Christian Grandparenting Network is announcing its fifth annual Grandparents’ Day of Prayer (GDOP) on September 13, 2015. The purpose of Grandparents Day of Prayer is for grandparents to unite in prayer for their grandchildren and their parents on the designated National Grandparents Day.

Our grandchildren are living in a desperate moral and spiritual climate navigating in a world hostile to truth. Satan has launched an aggressive attack on all fronts using media, technology, education, social influences and political pressures to desensitize and cloud the boundaries of truth and righteousness that hold nations and families together. Perhaps at no other time in our history is a call to prayer more urgently required than it is today for our grandchildren.

The mission of Christian Grandparenting Network (CGN) is to promote effective grandparenting, which is intentional in teaching our children and grandchildren to know and follow Christ wholeheartedly. CGN is encouraging grandparents to get involved in the movement to make National Grandparents Day a Grandparents’ Day of Prayer to intentionally pray for their grandchildren.

Many years ago, Queen Esther stood in the gap for her people, the Jews, when their physical lives were threatened. Today, grandparents can stand in the gap with prayer for their grandchildren and their parents as their spiritual lies are threatened by the enemy.

We are looking for grandparents to make the National Grandparents’ Day on September 13 a Day of Prayer for the next generation who will participate in this event and take the lead to organize an event, calling grandparents to join in prayer on September 13. This event could be in your church, in your home, in a retirement complex, or any meeting location you choose. CGN will provide step-by-step guidelines, resources, and online tools to help you create a successful event that will engage grandparents in prayer for your event.

Grandparents can find how to get involved and find helpful information, endorsements, and promotional materials and free downloads at

Contact Lillian Penner for additional information
National Prayer Coordinator, Christian Grandparenting Network

Social Media’s Fastest Growing Faith-Based Social Media App

Share A Prayer App Now Available for Install as a Facebook Desktop App — Application Allows Christians to Share Prayers, Inspirational Thoughts and Greetings to friends and family via Facebook.

MIAMI, April 6, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — John Swisher and Joseph Bellissimo, co-founders of Pray Forward, Inc., are pleased to announce the launch of the newest addition to the Share A Prayer product line with the Share A Prayer Facebook Desktop App. This stand-alone app comes on the heels of the initial launch of the Share A Prayer App which is widely considered to be “the fastest growing faith-based social media app.” The new Desktop app allows Christians all over the world to share prayers, inspirational thoughts and greetings to friends and family directly from their Facebook account.
The Share A Prayer Facebook Desktop App offers multiple prayer categories, each containing a database of prayers, inspirational thoughts, bible verses and greetings to show friends and family that you are thinking about them. Categories include Lent & Easter, Thinking of You, Birthdays, Pet Sympathy, Sympathy, Get Well Soon, Birth, Wedding, Sacraments, and Congratulations with the expansion of additional prayer categories coming soon.
New and exciting features with the Facebook Desktop App include additional customization options allowing users to personalize their prayers even more. The app allows users to either upload their own Facebook photos to use as a background or select from preloaded background and color options, as well as frame, filter, placement and text options.
First launched as an iOS app, Share A Prayer is Bellissimo’s most passionate project. A practicing Catholic and active parishioner himself, he was inspired by people praying for one another on social media, and wanted to create applications that gave individuals the opportunity to share meaningful prayers and greetings with one another via their smart phones, desktops, notebooks through text, email or Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.
Available on Facebook, in the App Store and at, Share A Prayer is available for free. Andriod expansion and Spanish version coming soon.
About Share A Prayer
Share A Prayer applications allow Christians all over the world to share prayers, thoughts, and greetings through social media, text, and e-mail. Available for free on both Facebook and the App Store, both apps have 10 prayer categories available with a database of prayers.

Prayer at Full Throttle: A Review

By Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield

Robert Bakke has done things most of us only dream about. He ran a multimillion dollar company by the time he was 24. He went on to become a Nascar driver, a jet pilot, and a black belt in Karate. He has seen success from a variety of perspectives that few people get to experience. So when he speaks about success, and prayer as the root of success he speaks in creditability.

In his book Prayer at Full Throttle, he offers a six part plan to unleash the power of the reader’s prayer life. It is a book that I read in two sittings because the truth is what he says in it is so clear, and makes so much sense I couldn’t cram it into my head fast enough. This is a book on prayer for the everyday Christian. The language he used in writing this book feels much more like a conversation with a caring friend than a lesson from a teacher or mentor. It is a relatively short book, that reads quickly so there is little excuse for passing it by. You will however not want to rush through this book. It has too much to tell you.

He uses events from his own life a metaphors for what he is trying to tell this. This not only adds clarity , but creditability to what we read. For example in making several of his points he uses his relationship with his godson to help us examine our relationship with God as our Heavenly parent.

As you might gather from the title the core of this book is centered on the idea that prayer must involve more than words. Powerful, productive prayer must be made with confidence, and then mated with related action. Reading Bakke’s book, I am reminded of what a former pastor taught us many years ago. He would often tell us, “ God can’t bless what’s not there !” This is the same thought that Bakke is trying to get across to us.

Part of the message he is trying to get across is prayer if it is to be powerful it must not stand on its own. Prayer should be coupled with related action, and is in large part dependent on our relationship with God. In fact Prayer at Full Throttle teaches us that if our prayers aren’t giving us the results we expect, perhaps we should take a closer look at our relationship with God before we declare our prayers have no effect.

This is not a book that every Christian should add to their bookshelf, This is a book every Christian should add to their life !