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Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Moments ago international award winning Christian Writer, and Faithinspires.Org Founder Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield released the following brief Thanksgiving message.

” There are those who will argue that Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday. Part of the argument is the holiday has no direct connection to scripture, or the first century church.

However as Christians, if we are going to set aside a day to make a point of being thankful, who else should we be more thankful to than Almighty God and his son Jesus who died on the cross for us all.

Its been an historically tough year for all of us in the Katy/Houston Area. Last night I learned that there are still 2,700 students in Katy ISD alone who are without permanent homes following Hurricane Harvey. And that just scratches the surface of the suffering going on around us.

Even so, if we look hard enough and long enough I’m sure we can all still find things to be thankful for in this day. Given what we have all been through these last few months, we need to look harder and loner than ever for such things.

May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you all, and power your gratitude toward him and our Heavenly Father.”

Pastor Crutchfield is also a Christian Healing Expert at SelfGrowth.Com, the world’s leading self help website. In addition he can be found on Youtube.


Pastor Crutchfield Launches YouTube Channel

Faithinspires.Org the internationally known Christian news and information blog, recently launched a YouTube channel featuring its founder and editor Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield. Videos being produced for the channel include biblical subjects, as well as occasional secular topics that many Christians will find interesting.

The new channel is an effort to expand FaithInspires.Org’s ministry to those who might not read its existing blog. Many of the videos will be based on articles that have already appeared on the blog and been read by people all over the world, others will contain completely new material. It is hoped the channel will also grow into an independent revenue stream through an advertising partnership with YouTube.This will allow critical funding allowing FaithInspires.Org to grow not only its media ministry around the world, but in its home community of Katy, Texas.


Crutchfield in addition to his role at FaithInspires.Org serves as a Christian Growth and Healing Expert at SelfGrowth.Com, the world’s leading self help website. He was Scriggler Author of the Month in October 2016 beating out hundreds of writers from several countries. He also won Article of the Month there in October and December of that same year.


He also has a variety of leadership experience having served as Chairman, Republican Party Sixth State Senate District, “Keyholder” for a retail electronics chain, Team Leader in a P.C. support call center, Vice president of  a local recreation board, Division Staff Officer in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary etc.


The channel will also include “playlists” curated by Rev. Crutchfield, along with online discussions moderated by him. Be sure and subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss a thing !

Christian Blogger Dominates International Writing Competition.

(Katy, Texas) The monthly competition at for October closed yesterday. When it did, noted Christian Blogger Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield emerged as winner of both Author of the Month, and Article of the Month titles. In all 439 people were eligible for October’s Author of the Month. Award. Contestants were allowed to enter any combination of poems, short stories, and opinion articles. Entrants came from several countries around the world. Each writer’s top three publications are used to rank them. The Author of the Month Award goes to the writer whose top 3 publications prove most popular with the site’s readers. Including his first place winning article, How Not to Buy Electronics, Crutchfield finished with 3 articles in the top 10 and two in the top 5.

Talking about the win Crutchfield said, “ First of all I want to thank God, and my fans for all their support. This award was determined by those visiting the site and reading the different publications. Without them their would be no victory.” He went on to say, “With this victory I have proven that I can write not only quality Christian content, but content on a wide range of topics. However writing to me is ministry. I look forward to seeing how this win will open doors for my ministry, and broaden my ability to serve Christ.”

Crutchfield is founder of FaithInspires.Org, a Christian news and information blog read in over 195 countries last year.he still edits that blog on a regular basis. He is also founder of Compassion Church of Katy, a small congregation in Katy, Texas outside Houston. He also founded and runs the National First Responder Prayer Team group on Facebook. He is also a Christian growth and healing expert at SelfGrowth.Com, the world’s leading self help website. He and his work have been seen in Google News, ChristianHeadlines.Com,, Katy Christian Magazine, and many others.

The Story of a Grandfather’s Pride


Back when I was in junior high our school had what they called the victory flag. It flew in front of the school only when somebody (usually a sports team) won something against another school. There came a day when I was in a speech contest against two other nearby schools, and I won. My teacher/coach brought me back to school just in time to hear the principal say over the P.A.system, ” The victory flag is flying !” The whole school  started clapping and cheering. It was an amazing feeling, and I  thought I could never feel prouder.

Until today, today I am a grandfather and my oldest grandson is the one in junior high. Today he was in a drama tournament. The first time he has ever competed in anything with other schools. He entered five events, and reached the semi-finals in two. Not bad for  a sixth grader on his first time out. He did not win the top prize today. However has many reason to be proud of what he accomplished today. If he has reason to be proud, then I as his grandfather also have reason to be proud.

He should be proud that he had the courage to try. Many people much older than him would not perform in front of people like he did in five different ways today. There’s even less of  a chance that they would do so in a competitive environment that involved hundreds of other students.

He should be proud that as young as he is, he has discovered that he has a talent that makes him happy, and through that talent he is able to bring happiness to other people

He should be proud that he has the initiative, and the confidence at such a young age to put his talents and abilities to the test against so many others.

He should be proud that he can start his day at 7am and keep himself going until 6pm. That would be  along day for any of us !

He should be proud that he made the semi-finals in two of his five events on his first time out. Many of his fellow competitors did not. Some of them likely had more experience than he does in and out of competition.

He should be proud for not taking the easy way out. Entering five completely different events, not just one. This of course required five times the commitment, and five times the practice.

He was of course disappointed that he didn’t win. But he will realize among other things that the fact he is not satisfied with doing well, but desires to be the best is yet another thing to be proud of. I am proud of him for all of these reasons.  There will always be other competitions. With time, and patience, and the burning desire I know him to have, the wins will come. With pride  I look forward to sharing Devin Morrison with the world.



Katy Pastor Reacts to This Week’s Tragedies

The following Commentary on this week’s tragedies is authored by Pastor Jeremiah Hill. Hill is pastor of Journey Church here in Katy. He, his family, and church have been loyal supporters of this ministry for some time. His remarks, are published here with his permission.

By Jeremiah Hill, Pastor Journey Church Katy, Texas USA

This week our country has been gripped by several unnecessary, and unacceptable tragedies. It should go without saying that we should always be moved to finding positive solutions for problems… but it seems with each passing major incident our countries resolve is paralyzed. I have watched this week as the events have broken relationships and created wedges between friends, families and sadly even churches.

I have been blessed since becoming Pastor of Journey Church to see our congregation grow multicultural, as well as our staff and leadership teams. Black, Hispanic and white all united for one goal… to be the body of Christ… and to show the world what the body of Christ should look like. So it should go without saying that we love everyone at Journey Church.

As I thought more about the recent events the following came to mind:

When God formed the first man, Adam, I have this picture of God kneeling over the dirt that He just created. And as He knelt, he pressed His hands into the dirt and began to form Adam… and He said that He created Adam in His image and that it was good. In Psalm’s it tell us that God formed all of us in our mother’s wombs, down to knitting our inner parts together. That means the same hands of God that reached into the ground to form Adam… are the same hands that made each and every one of us.

What we see on display today is NOT God’s image.
Abuse of power is not the character of God.
Rejection of authority is not the character of God.
Hatred is not the character of God.
Racism is not the character of God.

From the moment Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the garden… sin came rushing onto this earth. And it’s one job was to take captive every person that is not willing to take the very thought of sin captive. Every single one of those characteristics I just mentioned are a direct reflection of our sin nature… the very nature that is a polar opposite of the very image God created us in.

We pray for peace on this earth. We pray for wars to end. We pray for racism to end. But peace will NEVER happen in our lives, when sin is the ruler. And in this world, it is much of the same. What we have witnessed displayed over the course of this week is a reflection of the display of sin on this earth that has been building for 1000’s of years.

This display of sin comes in many forms. But as of late the primary display has been a hatred in our hearts for our neighbors… and we have used things like race, sex, gender and class to promote further hatred.

Scriptures are also clear, you can not love God who you have not seen… and hate your brother who you can see. We have departed from the very basic of moral standard that God laid out… “love your neighbor as yourself.”

There is no greater commandment than that!

We were all formed in Gods image… and if you chose to follow Him, obey His Word and keep His standards… you will remain in His image. But to remain in His image… takes work. Scriptures say that we are to work out our salvation with “fear and trembling.” That means on a daily basis. The last time hatred or disgust rose up in your heart for another person, did it make you tremble in fear… because you had departed from God’s standard?

We need to take a step back and realize that what we see on display today is a direct form of Godlessness. Scriptures are clear in the end days there will be more of this. But if we truly want peace… it begins with us turning back to the very one…God… who created us.

Every person who will read this post has at least one thing in their life right now, big or small, that is in direct conflict what who God created you to be. Turn back to God and to His standard… and watch how quickly grace can cover a multitude of sins.

FaithInspires.Org Invites All Christians to Partner in its Ministry to the World

(Katy, Texas) FaithInspires.Org is a Christian news and information blog that has grown to the point where it was read in 195 countries in 2015 ! Up until now it has dome its work with almost no budget, meaning its potential to reach people around the world has barely been tapped. It can only spend money as it comes in. Which is why they are reaching out to their fellow Christians to power the ministry’s future growth.

For less than a dollar per day anyone, anywhere with a checking account, credit card or debit card can partner with FaithInspires.Org to bring Christian news and information to everywhere the internet can reach ! The site is edited by minister and Christian writer Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield. Critchfield or his work have been seen at ChristianHeadlines.Com, SelfGrowth.Com, Katy Christian Magazine, and many others.

Crutchfield even served as chaplain to his local fire department for three and a half years. This gives him a unique perspective on events in and out of the church. Best Selling Christian Author Loree Lough even used him as inspiration behind the 1890’s minster Rev. Robert Crutchfield in her book Guardians of the Heart. Before that she featured his First Responders Prayer in all three of her First Responders Series of novels.

FaithInspires.Org also features a keyword searchable archive of over 1,200 previous articles covering dozens of topics. This makes it a incredible resource for education and research. More funding is needed on a regular basis to build this resource further and make as many people possible aware of its existence.

Every person who donates just $25 per month is considered a vital partner in this ministry ! Crutchfield explains, “ Our partners are vital to our ministry because they give critical stability to our finances, which allows us to make plans on more than on a month to month basis like we do now.”

Joining their partner program is as easy as filling out the form at:

Crutchfield also said “ I don’t want to be misunderstood, we appreciate every donation of whatever kind or size. However at this stage of our growth we are desperately in need of the kind of consistent funding that our partner program will provide.”

Winning the ‘War on Christmas’

Our mayor here in Katy, Texas Fabol Hughes  ruled the other day that all city decorations will read Merry Christmas, and that the city’s Christmas tree, was a Christmas tree not a holiday tree. He further ordered that our national motto ” In God We Trust”  be placed on all the city’s police cars, fire trucks, ambulances etc.  This second action was recently declared legal by the Texas Attorney General after a similar move by another city in our state. Asked by the media to explain his moves he said ” I’m sick and Tired of political correctness !”-Pastor Crutchfield

Thomas More Society Defends Right to Freely Express Private Religious Belief in Public Square.


CHICAGO, Dec. 9, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — This Christmas season, the Thomas More Society continues to fight for freedom of religious speech and the free exercise of religious faith in the public square. As legal counsel for the American Nativity Scene Committee and local private groups around the country, the national nonprofit public interest law firm defends these rights and equips Americans to display Christmas manger scenes in their state capitols and other venues that qualify as traditional or designated public forums. The Thomas More Society provides legal counsel for privately-funded groups placing nativity scenes in public places in twenty-one states. This year, the Thomas More Society is sponsoring nativity displays in Illinois, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Nebraska, Rhode Island and Texas, and in front of the Oklahoma Governor’s mansion, in partnership with the American Nativity Scene Committee. These crèches have been donated by an anonymous benefactor. Efforts continue to secure permits for such displays elsewhere around the nation.

These nativity displays represent classic free speech and the free exercise of religious faith by private citizens in the public square. The Biblical scenes have not gone up without controversy.

“Atheist groups may mock our message, but we will not be silent. It is critical that Christians proclaim the Gospel message to their fellow citizens,” said Tom Brejcha, Thomas More Society President and Chief Counsel. “Anti-Christian, anti-Christmas rhetoric and Satanic expositions merely serve to provide sharp emphasis by means of their stark contrast with the positive, uplifting, hopeful and joyous message of Christmas,” he added, “A message that bears secular as well as religious significance, as it highlights the hope and miracle of birth and new life, the inherent dignity of each and every human being, focusing our attention on the humble and lowly infant wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger amidst straw and animals, honored by shepherds and kings alike and heralded by choirs of angels. That message of the essential equality and dignity of all human beings, no matter how rich or poor, humble or high-stationed, resonates deeply with the values that Americans cherish.”

Last Christmas, the Freedom from Religion Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union tried to force officials in Franklin County, Indiana to dismantle the privately funded and privately sponsored nativity scene that has been displayed on its courthouse lawn every Christmas for over fifty years. The Christian crèche was one of several private displays set up at the county complex throughout the year. The Thomas More Society defeated both organizations in the Indianapolis federal court. The atheist groups’ claim that the private manger scene was an “establishment of religion by the government” was rebuffed as legally baseless. The court ruled that Christian citizens have a right to display a nativity scene on their local courthouse lawn, which qualifies as a “designated public forum.”

This controversy is not new. Almost thirty years ago, a lawsuit had to be filed to protect Chicago’s Daley Plaza nativity scene and prevent physical destruction of the Holy Family statues. City and county officials tried to suppress the right of Christians to express their religious faith in that traditional public forum, where political rallies, ethnic celebrations and other cultural events had been regularly staged. Private attorney Jennifer Neubauer persuaded the late Chief United States District Judge James B. Parsons to enter a permanent injunction, enjoining the authorities from this “discrimination” against religious expression in Chicago’s “public square.”

“The nativity displays represent a constitutionally protected expression by private citizens in traditional or designated public forums, where the sole role of the government is that of a viewpoint-neutral gatekeeper assuring open access for all citizens to have their say,” explained Brejcha. “If the First Amendment entitles you to get up on your soapbox and plead for a candidate or advocate a political point of view in a public forum, then equally you may get on the soapbox and proclaim the joyous, hopeful message of the Christ child!”

About the Thomas More Society
Thomas More Society is a not-for-profit, national public interest law firm dedicated to restoring respect in law for life, family, and religious liberty. Headquartered in Chicago, the Thomas More Society defends and fosters support for these causes by providing high quality pro bono legal services from local trial courts all the way to the United States Supreme Court. Visit

About the American Nativity Scene Committee
The American Nativity Scene Committee is dedicated to the display of nativity scenes in every state capitol in America during the Christmas season. The committee ships nativity scenes, which have been donated by an anonymous benefactor, to citizens throughout the United States who wish to give witness to the true meaning of Christmas by setting up a privately funded crèche in a public forum. The Thomas More Society provides the committee with legal help in securing permits and defending challenges as needed. Visit

Nelson Searcy Workshop in One Week.

One week from today nationally known church growth expert Nelson Searcy will be here in Katy to conduct one of his church growth workshops. I was able to arrange things with my secular employer so that I can be there. I can’t wait. Although I am truly unsure what has me more exited, to learn church growth ideas to help plant our church, or having the opportunity to meet so many of my ministry colleagues from around our area.


As a bi-vocational minister I am constantly working to balance the demands of my ministry, with those of the job that pays the bills. More and more ministers are b-vocational these days so I am by no means alone in that struggle. It’s always a blessing to me to be among others doing the Lord’s work, and learning how to be better ministers together.


I should even be able to come up with a good item or two for this blog in the process, so stay tuned !

Saddleback Adds Military Campus in Afghanistan

In my world there is no such thing as being caught up on your reading. That doesn’t mean I don’t try. This morning I was reading up on some Christian religious news when I ran into  this article on how Saddleback Church in Southern California, created a branch campus of their church for our military men and women at a base in Afghanistan.

My immediate reaction was that this was one of the greatest ideas I had heard of in a long time. I have the greatest respect for the chaplains that serve in our military. However providing these kinds of  efforts to take some of the workload off of them is something we in the church world should have done a long time ago.

I have loved the United States Military ever since I was a child. That love only grew in 1983 when I joined the Texas State Guard. That love for our military inspires me as a minister to try and meet at least some of their needs where God gives me the opportunity. That’s why as we get Compassion Church of Katy up and running “military ministries” is one area I would like us to be involved in.

Katy, Texas where we are planting our church is not near any large military bases. However what Saddleback and other groups are doing proves that we don’t have to be. Technology for one thing is opening many incredible opportunities for ministry. The Katy Area is also home to many veterans, and military families, so this mission field is probably a lot nearer to our doorstep than we think.

As we go about organizing our church, and then growing it I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. However their are others around the country who are doing things much like I would like our church to do. do. Let’s learn from their example, help them where we can and improve on it where we get the chance.

Welcome to A Faith That Inspires Action !

While this blog will cover any Christian topic I  feel like commenting on, like the church whose website it  will soon be part of, this blog is based on the idea that our faith should compel us to action !

Anybody who comes to Compassion Church of Katy thinking that all they need to do is sit in a pew once a week and listen to me ramble on is sorely mistaken. Mission one at our church, and this blog is and always will be to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However we don’t stop there.  We believe that if you truly love Christ you will be driven to put hands and feet to your faith, and seek to spread the word, and serve others in HIS name.

This blog and this church will be like none other you have ever experienced. Please join us often as we learn and serve together. It is my sincere prayer that our work will allow you to grow in your faith, and that your faith will have an impact greater than any you ever imagined.


Yours in Christ,

Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield

Senior Pastor, Compassion Church of Katy