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Malteser International Americas Announces Thomas A. Wessels as Succeeding President of Disaster Relief Organization

MIAMI, Dec. 28, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ — Malteser International Americas, the Miami-based global humanitarian organization and relief agency of the Order of Malta, has elected MG (Ret) Thomas A. Wessels, KMOb, of Atlanta, Georgia as President and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Mr. Wessels, former First Vice President at Merrill Lynch and retired Major General of the United States Army Reserves, currently sits as a Director on the Board of Directors, and he is a Knight of Malta in Obedience for the Order of Malta, U.S. Federal Association.

His financial acumen combined with his strategic military experience are tremendous assets, which will drive the organization effectively forward in a fiscally responsible manner, while being a dutiful champion of the organization’s mission to serve vulnerable and marginalized people, and ensure they live a healthy life with dignity.

“I live by my faith and have taken a vow to care for the poor and the sick, and in my new role as President of Malteser International Americas, I pledge to live by the organizations’ faithful values of caring, accountability, teamwork, and excellence,” said Thomas A. Wessels, President-Elect, Malteser International Americas. “I am honored to use my lifetime of experience to help build greater awareness of the fine work Malteser International does for those affected by poverty, disease, conflict and disaster,” he continued.

The President-Elect will assume his new role on January 1, 2017, when he takes over for retiring President, James F. O’Connor, who – for the last six years in his leadership role – has exhibited a great commitment of coming to the aid of the world’s most vulnerable.

“Jim is a fearless leader who also possesses a heart filled with compassion for his fellow man, especially those who are suffering. He has played an integral role in the success and growth of the organization since its inception. The excellent work that he accomplished during his tenure has brought Malteser International Americas into the hearts and minds of our supporters in the Western Hemisphere,” said Ravi Tripptrap, Executive Director, Malteser International Americas.

“In the six years I have presided over the Board of Directors, I have seen families ripped apart by devastation. Natural and manmade disasters in the Americas, and across the globe, have left so many with despair. Fortunately, our emergency relief efforts at Malteser International Americas, give these survivors hope. That is why I have worked diligently to make sure that vulnerable and marginalized people in forgotten regions in this world get the help they need when they need it,” said James F. O’Connor, President, Malteser International Americas. “Tom, a fellow Knight of the Order, brings a wealth of experience to this position, and I wish him continued success in the years to come.”

This year alone, Malteser International Americas has been at the forefront of tackling some of the greatest challenges facing the Americas:

Implemented immediate relief measures in Haiti following Hurricane Matthew to provide survivors with critical hygiene materials to reduce the risk of another deadly cholera epidemic, and dispensed clean-up kits and aid to restore livelihood

Took action in Colombia to educate and protect pregnant women and their unborn babies from the Zika virus by providing prevention kits to often neglected populations where stagnant water is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos

Launched a fresh water program in the southwest of Haiti where the worst drought in 35 years has put those already experiencing profound poverty and extreme vulnerability in further jeopardy

Created a new program aimed at reducing maternal and child mortality in remote areas of Colombia by providing those who are at-risk, and have been discriminated against, access to rehabilitated, better-equipped health centers with trained female health care workers
Also newly elected is Edward J. Delaney, KM, of Winchester, Massachusetts. He currently sits as a Director on the Board and he was appointed to Vice President. Mr. Delaney brings to the position entrepreneurial expertise and substantial business experience. He is a Knight of Malta for the Order of Malta, U.S. American Association.

The Malteser International Americas’ Board of Directors is composed of 10 volunteer members representing a variety of personal and professional backgrounds. The board is currently comprised of a team of experienced leaders with combined experience in fundraising, finance, law, corporate governance, education, strategic planning, and senior management.

About Malteser International Americas:
Malteser International Americas is a global humanitarian organization with a mission of supporting the vulnerable and marginalized so that they may live a healthy life with dignity. Through our U.S. headquarters, Malteser International Americas provides immediate disaster response and preparedness as well as vital healthcare and nutrition to vulnerable people in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. Visit to learn more.


Mission of Hope Haiti Endures Hurricane Matthew, Mobilizes to Help a Nation.

What would happen if the strongest hurricane to strike the Atlantic in over a decade, were to make landfall in our hemisphere’s poorest country ? Unfortunately we are about to find out. This morning Hurricane Matthew slammed into Haiti bringing 145 MPH winds and horrific floods. Obviously this did not happen without warning, and every disaster aid group in the book is looking to help. One Christian ministry among all of them is ideally suited for this disaster. During times of disaster or not Mission of Hope Haiti’s focus is on Haiti. They have served Haiti since 1998. Even in more normal times they serve 90,000 meals per day, and treat 30,000 patients annually. They started gearing up for this crisis on Saturday. Before the storm even made landfall they had ore-positioned over 200,000 meals.

Working from their own in country facilities, and their U.S. office outside Austin, Texas in partnership with their HaitiOne network of over 500 indigenous partner organizations across the nation they  have already come up with a relief plan that includes the following,

35 million meals

350 million units of water

750,000 temporary shelters

Medical care for 280,000 patients


After the first 14 days of relief efforts the group plans to transition into a 45 day recovery plan, then into a longer term sustainability plan.


Mission of Hope Haiti are veterans of both the 2008 hurricane, and 2010 earthquake in Haiti. They have also been there for the Haitian people everyday in between. Those wishing to help Mission of Hope Haiti in this dire time can text @mohhaiti to  52014, to donate to MOH Disaster Relief. Or you can donate online. At the very least please extend your prayers to Mission of Hope Haiti, the Haitian people, and all those being affected by Hurricane Matthew !

Four Year Earthquake Anniversary Marks Significant Milestone for Haiti Nonprofit Feeding 80,000 Children Daily

Reaching more than 200,000 Haitians through holistic programming

More than 5,000 volunteers annually visit the MOH campus

Support from 360 North American churches

Daily providing food to more than 400 Haiti schools & orphanages

More than 400 permanent homes provided for Haitians since earthquake

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — With this Sunday, January 12, marking the four-year anniversary of Haiti’s devastating, 7.0-magnitude earthquake, Mission of Hope (MOH), a Christian nonprofit headquartered in Haiti, announces it has reached a significant milestone. Using prepositioned food supplies stored in the organization’s new 32-thousand square-foot warehouse, Mission of Hope and partner Convoy of Hope are today daily delivering more than 80,000 meals to more than 400 schools and orphanages in Haiti.

“For many children, the meal provided by Mission of Hope is the only food they will eat all day,” said Brad Johnson, President of Mission of Hope.

Founded in 1998, the Haiti-based nonprofit has grown into a 236-acre organization providing a variety of programs impacting more than 200,000 Haitians. More than 360 churches in the United States and Canada uniquely support Mission of Hope. The organization also welcomes hands-on volunteers and annually is visited by more than 5000 North Americans.

MOH uses a holistic model for development and rebuilding by meeting both short-term and long-term needs including housing, medical, food and education.  To date, more than four hundred homes have been built to assist in transitioning earthquake survivors from temporary shelters to permanent, concrete homes. The organization is also in the process of building a new technical school, sports complex and hospital.  Plus, for every dollar donated to MOH, 97 cents is directly contributed to programming.

“While progress has been slow in some areas, Haiti is advancing and rebuilding,” said Johnson. “Yet, those who say they don’t see Haiti improving likely never saw Haiti before the earthquake and don’t know how far we have come.”

About Mission of Hope
Mission of Hope Haiti (MOH) is a Christian, nonprofit organization serving and ministering to the people of Haiti. As an organization following Jesus Christ, Mission of Hope’s mission is “to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti.”

NY Jets Wide Receiver David Nelson Impact Lives of Orphans in Haiti Through Fundraising Campaign

Coat of arms of Haiti

Coat of arms of Haiti (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

David Nelson attributes his belief in Christ for his mission to save lives in Haiti
DALLAS, Oct. 28, 2013 /Christian Newswire/
— NFL Athlete David Nelson is encouraging sports enthusiasts and
individuals about Christ across the country to open their hearts for a
greater cause: impacting the lives of those who are less
fortunate. Nelson is leading a philanthropic effort to raise money for
orphaned kids in Haiti, through the Sudden Change Challenge via i’mME, a
non-profit Christ-based organization he established with his brothers,
Patrick and Daniel.
The goal of the Sudden Change Challenge
campaign is to spread blessings to children in need, a passion and
commitment fueled by the Nelson’s mission trips to Haiti, Ghana and
India. After months of prayer and seeking wise counsel, they launched
i’mME, an orphan care ministry, working in collaboration with Godly,
respected leaders and experienced, effective ministry partners in Haiti.
“Our main goal is to bring people from all around the country and use their love for football
to change the world for orphans in Haiti,” said David Nelson. “Not only
will they find joy in their team making a big play, but they can also
find joy in knowing that their team and pledges helped an orphan.”
The Sudden Change Challenge is being
supported by a roster of NFL Athletes who are aligned with David, his
brothers, and the spirit of giving back: CJ Spiller, Jairus Byrd, Eric
Wood, Fred Jackson, Scott Chandler (Buffalo Bills); Maurkice Pouncey
(Pittsburgh Steelers), Ahmad Black (Tampa Bay Bucs), Nate Burelson
(Detroit Lions), Louis Murphy (New York Giants), Nick Barnet (Washington Redskins) and Damian Williams (Tennessee Titans).
Consider the Sudden Change Challenge a
“Fantasy Football” game for philanthropists and givers. Football fans
from all over the United States will have the opportunity to pledge any
dollar amount for his or her favorite NFL team. At the end of each week,
the Sudden Change Challenge homepage will display which NFL teams‘ fans
have raised the most money. Registration
for the Sudden Change Challenge fundraising campaign begins September
17 and ends at the conclusion of the National Football League season.
Pledges can be made via the Sudden Change Challenge website,
There’s no donation too small, as David believes every dollar counts
toward enhancing the life of a child. For further information on i’mME,
please visit

Bethany Christian Services Co-Founder Leaves Lasting Legacy

Organization’s Last Living Co-Founder Achieved Dream of Caring for Children in Crisis

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Feb. 1, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — Marguerite Bonnema, the last living co-founder of Bethany Christian Services, passed away this week, days before her 100th birthday. The impact of her legacy cannot be overstated. What began as a dream to serve children in crisis nearly 70 years ago among friends in Grand Rapids, Michigan eventually blossomed into a global initiative serving vulnerable children in 19 countries across five continents.

Like most organizations, Bethany’s beginnings were humble. In 1944, Ms. Bonnema and Mary DeBoer, her friend and roommate, took in a baby girl who needed a home. Five other infants who also needed boarding soon followed, with Ms. Bonnema and Ms. DeBoer providing a loving environment for the children within the confines of their cozy apartment. With a desire to offer critical support to more children in crisis, the friends purchased property in Grand Rapids with the help of a local church, invited Andrew VanderVeer, a local missionary, to join their work, and obtained a license to run a home caring for children. Thus, Bethany Christian Home was born.

Through the love and compassion of Ms. Bonnema (above far left) and her fellow co-founders, Bethany Christian Services has become one of the nation’s premier family preservation agencies — from its beginning in a humble home providing care for vulnerable infants — to today finding families for children in need around the globe. Bethany is serving tens of thousands of children and families each year through providing critical training and support to developing countries, such as China, Ethiopia, and Haiti, in creating sustainable child welfare services. Such efforts are vital in combating the global orphan crisis, including more than 153 million children around the world.

“While I am saddened by Marguerite’s passing, I rejoice that she is with the Lord,” said Bill Blacquiere, Bethany’s president and CEO. “As a result of her vision and courage, Bethany has touched the lives of many thousands of children and families since its founding. In her memory, we will continue our commitment to find loving families for children in crisis.”

For more information on Ms. Bonnema’s historical impact on vulnerable children, visit

Phoenix Six Year-Old Inspires Over 4,600 People to Donate $105,000 for Clean Water Projects in Haiti

PHOENIX, Az., May 9, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Recently,

drinking water

drinking water (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

, a six year-old Phoenix boy heard that people in Haiti had to drink “dirty water” every day and asked his family what they could do about it. And in the span of about one month, more than 4,600 people filled emptied bottles with coins and dollar bills as part of the Dirty Water campaign at Palmcroft Baptist Church. The campaign challenged people to drink nothing but water and donate the money they would have paid during that time for coffee, soda, and other drinks. Over $105,000 has been received to date.

The World Health Organization reports that about 760 million people do not have a choice but to use unsafe water with poor sanitation, which kills more people than all forms of violence, including war.

The response from the Phoenix community has been overwhelming. “The efforts to bring clean water can be appreciated by everyone across our entire community regardless of generation, gender or grade,” said Jeff Wolfe, pastor at Palmcroft Baptist Church and father of the kindergartener who inspired the challenge to make a difference.

100% of funds raised will go toward establishing over a dozen new wells and accompanying clean water projects through Approximately $5,000 builds a well for a community of 400 that will bring safe drinking water for 20 years. To date, Liquid Water has brought over 45 communities sustainable clean water solutions in countries such as Haiti, Ethiopia and El Salvador.

“On our own, we would have been able to raise $25,000. But by using the Liquid Water model of a Dirty Water fasting campaign has involved hundreds more people who might have foregone a typical fundraiser,” said Wolfe.

And in the end, Ethan, the kindergartener who started it all was pivotal, not just for his inspiration. His own personal fundraising campaign results? Over $5,700 — enough for an entire water well.

About Palmcroft:
In September of 1944, during the height of the second World War, Palmcroft Baptist Church was founded on the 1500 block of West McDowell in Phoenix, Arizona. With forty-four people present at that first service, Pastor Leroy Thomas communicated the vision of missions and evangelism. In 1981 Palmcroft moved to its current location on North 35th Avenue where that vision has established into a firm foundation. Currently over 3,000 people experience Palmcroft’s worship services each week. Annually for the past ten years, Palmcroft has given $1 million to over 100 missionaries and relief projects. As a part of our continued global outreach, Palmcroft is providing clean drinking water to the poorest of the poor in Ethiopia and Haiti. More details are available at:

About is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to bringing clean water to communities in our world’s developing nations. Liquid Water exists to inspire & resource like-minded organizations to “get dirty” and help tackle the global water crisis together. As a part of its global outreach Liquid Water provides clean drinking water to the poorest of the poor with dozens of completed projects in Ethiopia, Central African Republic, Haiti and El Salvador. In the last 2 years, “Dirty Water” campaigns have brought safe, clean drinking water to over 10,000 people across rural Africa. More details are available at:

MAF Dedicates Missionary Plane for Service in Haiti


Aircraft will serve churches, medical teams and relief workers
NAMPA, Idaho, April 30, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Amidst a crowd of several hundred supporters, staff, and local residents, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) dedicated a Cessna Caravan aircraft in an April 28 ceremony at the ministry’s headquarters in Nampa, Idaho.
Photo:  Several hundred people gathered in Nampa on Saturday to dedicate MAF’s newest plane, which will serve in Haiti. MAF is a global mission organization that uses aviation and technology to improve the conditions of isolated people around the world. Photo by Colby Dees. Hi-resolution version available.
MAF is a faith-based, nonprofit ministry that serves missions and isolated people around the world with aviation, communications and learning technologies.
Funded by gifts from supporters, the new plane will depart in May for Haiti, where it will support the work of churches, medical teams, and relief workers laboring to rebuild the island nation still suffering two years after the devastating earthquake. MAF has served in Haiti for 25 years and has a permanent base at the Port-au-Prince airport.
“The airplane is the tool that God has given MAF to reach out to a lost and hurting world,” said John Boyd, MAF president and CEO. “And two years after the horrendous earthquake Haiti is still hurting, both physically and spiritually.”
Dr. David Alexander, president of Northwest Nazarene University, led the prayer of dedication. David Rask, director of aviation resources at MAF, spoke about the plane and the impact it will make.
“One of the principal tasks of this plane will be to carry work teams – people who come from the U.S. for one or two weeks to build schools, orphanages, and medical clinics, to provide clean drinking water, or to build churches,” said Rask. “In times of great needs, such as earthquakes and floods, this plane will carry food, water, and shelter.”
The dedication ceremony was part of a day of activities that included airplane rides, a pancake feed, a gift drawing, videos, and children’s activities. Staff from MAF’s Learning Technologies division demonstrated the latest gadgets for sharing the gospel easily and discretely in difficult areas of the world.
Mission Aviation Fellowship ( is a family of organizations with a singular mission: to share the love of Jesus through aviation and technology so that isolated people may be physically and spiritually transformed. Serving in 32 countries with more than 140 planes, MAF supports the efforts of some 1,500 Christian and relief organizations.

Fun in the Son Festival Brings the Hope and Help of the Good News to Haiti

Port-au-Prince, Capital of Haiti

Port-au-Prince, Capital of Haiti (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, April 3, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — At the invitation of hundreds of Haiti’s churches, the Luis Palau Association joined with local company Haiti Broilers to host the Fun in the Son Festival, an evangelistic outreach in and around Port-au-Prince.

Nearly 1,000 local churches collaborated with the Palau Association to reach thousands in Haiti with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Following months of hard work, including pastoral training for 800 Christian leaders and personal evangelism training for 3,000 counselors, the one-day festival on March 31 in the heart of Port-au-Prince drew more than 35,000 people.

While the landscape displayed scars of the tragic 2010 earthquake, the joyful faces and waving hands across the crowd saturated the event with an unreserved and jubilant atmosphere. Music from local and international artists and demonstrations by professional BMX and FMX athletes delighted Haitians of all ages, and Palau’s message of hope told through his own poignant testimony led many to make a decision for Jesus Christ.

“It’s the sight we long to see after so much work, expectation and prayer; so many people entering into a relationship with our living God and experiencing the same freedom we have graciously been extended,” Palau said. “For this to come about in the current circumstances is nothing short of a long list of miracles.”

During the week leading up to the festival, mission teams from the U.S. And Jamaica joined local churches to facilitate a total of 32 projects in eight days, including medical clinics, free eyeglass clinics, and activities for children and youth.

On Thursday, Palau visited an estimated 440 inmates at Port-au-Prince’s largest prison. He and a few members of the festival team handed out hygiene packs filled with soap, toilet paper, toothpaste, and other necessities. Palau gave a Gospel message to three different groups inside the prison, inspiring 195 inmates to make a decision to accept Jesus Christ.

Over the next few weeks, a committee of local volunteers will work to connect new believers with a church near to them. Moreover, Palau said the campaign is just the beginning of the team’s partnership with the Church in Haiti. “We look forward to another year of service ahead in Haiti preparing for 2013,” he said.

The Palau Association has a long history of partnership with Haiti Broilers’ parent company, Jamaica Broilers Group, LTD. The agricultural company, based in Kingston, Jamaica, played an instrumental role in hosting several island-wide campaigns, including the 1993 Luis Palau Crusade at which Andrew Palau accepted Jesus Christ.

Palau’s debut book, The Secret Life of a Fool, a gripping account of his journey to faith, arrives in stores April 3. For more information about Andrew Palau and his ministry, visit

Child Evangelism Fellowship in Haiti: Two Years of Joys and Trials after the 2010 Earthquake

The Haitian National Palace (Presidential Pala...

Image via Wikipedia

WARRENTON, Mo., March 16, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Adline Caméus does not have a typical Christian conversion story. Like John Wesley, the famous 18th century preacher, she came to faith after she started sharing the gospel. As a young Haitian woman, she was eager to take classes wherever she could in hopes that somehow it would help her advance economically. When an evangelistic training class was offered by Child Evangelism Fellowship in her neighborhood she took it. The class taught its students how to share the gospel with children using a book of colors called the Wordless Book. One of her first assignments was to share the Wordless Book with a dying boy in a Haitian hospital. In the process, both Adline and the boy came to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. That was 20 years ago. Today she is the Director of CEF Haiti, steering the organization through the difficult years since the 2010 earthquake which devastated the island nation.

Asked how the earthquake affected the children’s ministry, Ms. Caméus described a complex picture. “The desire to spread the gospel to children had cooled among our workers,” she said. “The earthquake brought a revival among Christians and the fire to reach the lost ignited.” Many volunteered to help share the gospel with children. In the aftermath of the earthquake, they distributed over 45,000 Do You Wonder Why booklets among children in schools, camps and shelter areas. These booklets address the pressing questions children have in crises, such as “Why did this happen?” and “Does God care?” CEF has distributed the booklet in the wake of crises all over the world from New Orleans after hurricane Katrina in 2005, to Japan after the horrific tsunami of 2011. “We are still receiving phone calls from children requesting prayer or advices as a result of the books. Many children shared how they pray the salvation prayer and adults call to thank us for the support and comfort the Do You Wonder Why booklet brings,” related Ms. Caméus.

At the same time, CEF Haiti experienced some significant struggles after the earthquake, paradoxically resulting from the arrival of charitable organizations which came to help Haiti with meals, lodging, psychological assistance and the like. These organizations needed workers and could pay decent and sustainable salaries. CEF Haiti lost six of its nine full-time workers as a result. Another persistent difficulty often occurs when the ministry tries to start a Bible club, called a Good News Club, in a new area. “When [parents] realize we are not there to provide food and such many accuse us of using the children to raise big money from foreigners that we are not sharing with the children,” said Ms. Caméus. “Foreigners are no longer welcome in the clubs anymore, unless they are bringing food or medical assistance.”

Lack of safety meant an end to the Good News Clubs meeting in neighborhoods where parents feared to send their children. Thankfully, CEF Haiti was able to maintain its presence in the schools. “Fortunately, the school doors are wide open for us to bring the Gospel. Most schools accept the CEF program as part of their curriculum,” explained Ms. Caméus. Others allow the Good News Clubs to meet after school.

After two years, the hard work of CEF Haiti to recover from the devastating earthquake is paying off. It now has eleven full-time workers and ten part-time workers, as well as two-thirds of the number of volunteers it had prior to the earthquake. A few Good News Clubs have timidly started in some neighborhoods bringing the total number of GNCs in Haiti to 78; this is 24 more than existed before the earthquake. Besides the GNCs, the school ministry and a ministry in orphanages, CEF Haiti trains teachers and provides curriculum for Compassion International, World Vision and Word & Action, making the number of children it reaches in the hundred thousands. Since January of this year, Ms. Caméus and her staff have been working diligently to extend their reach well beyond the Port-au-Prince area, north to Arcahaie, Artibonite and Cap-Haitien. Already the 86 teachers they trained to serve these areas have begun 14 Good News Clubs with almost 1,000 children in attendance each week. Given CEF Haiti’s renewed zeal for evangelism many more Haitian children will surely be blessed by their efforts.

Mission Aviation Fellowship Celebrates 25 Years of Service in Haiti

Beyond natural disasters, MAF is committed to the people of Haiti who live in remote and isolated areas

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Feb. 29, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — With more than 100 missionaries, aviation officials, and other guests on hand, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) celebrated 25 years of service in Haiti with a special ceremony Tuesday afternoon at the MAF aircraft hangar at the Port-au-Prince Airport.

Photo: Mission Aviation Fellowship personnel prepare to load an injured Haitian man aboard one of the ministry organization’s planes. MAF is celebrating 25 years of service in Haiti. Photo by Anthony Cece.

MAF is a Christian ministry organization that uses airplanes and other technologies to serve church and relief organizations in remote areas of the world.

MAF officials shared about the work in Haiti, as did guest speaker Joe Hurston, an independent missionary pilot who lobbied MAF to come to Haiti in the mid-1980s.

“This morning I had the opportunity to visit Pignon and see some of the impact MAF is making in Haiti through the ministry partners we serve,” MAF President and CEO John Boyd said at the event. “I am as excited as I’ve ever been about what is happening here in Haiti and look forward to what God is going to do through MAF in the next 25 years.”

MAF began operating in Haiti in 1986, serving missions and relief agencies in remote areas of the country. Poor infrastructure has plagued Haiti’s development and causes non-profit organizations serving there to seek alternative transportation. A trip that might take eight hours or longer over rough, unsafe roads can be reduced to 25 minutes aboard an MAF plane.

Greg and Barb Van Schoyck, missionaries serving in Pignon with the Haitian American Friendship Foundation, noted how MAF has enabled them to minister more effectively.

“Flying MAF gives us the opportunity to be good stewards of the resources God has provided us. Trucks are expensive and the roads take their toll,” Greg said. “Long drives over terrible roads batter not only our trucks but our bodies as well. It didn’t take long to determine that flying is more cost effective for us in the long run.”

Following the massive earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010, MAF’s knowledge of the country and expertise in transportation, communication, and disaster response positioned the organization to effectively serve the scores of humanitarian and medical aid groups that descended upon Port-au-Prince. It is that longevity within Haiti that has endeared MAF to local church leaders, medical groups and government officials.

Over the past two years, MAF has played a critical role in efforts to halt the spread of cholera in Haiti. MAF has assisted Samaritan’s Purse, Operation Blessing, Medical Teams International, and other groups by transporting medical teams, equipment, and supplies.

Anniversary celebrations will continue Wednesday, Feb. 29, with a reception and worship service at Quisqueya Chapel in Petionville, Haiti.

Mission Aviation Fellowship ( is a family of organizations with a singular mission: to share the gospel through aviation and technology so that isolated people may be physically and spiritually transformed. Serving in 32 countries with a fleet of 142 planes, MAF supports the efforts of some 1,500 Christian and relief organizations.

A significant part of this global network, MAF-US is headquartered in Nampa, Idaho. In addition to its aviation services, MAF-US also provides communications and learning technologies to support the work of hundreds of Christian, mission and humanitarian organizations throughout Africa, Asia, Eurasia and Latin America.