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Rev. Franklin Graham Joins Tony Perkins on the Radio to Discuss the World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians

WASHINGTON, May 3, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Yesterday, Rev. Franklin Graham appeared on Washington Watch with Tony Perkins, a national radio show which airs on more than 240 stations across the country. On the show, Graham discussed the persecution of Christians around the world and the need to stand for religious liberty both at home and overseas.

Rev. Graham has worked to respond to the genocide against Christians around the world by putting a spotlight on this issue, “It’s because of what is happening at an alarming rate around the world, where thousands of Christians have been killed, it’s around a 100,000 a year are being killed just for their faith. We’re seeing entire areas of the Middle East that are being eradicated.” Graham went on, “This is happening not just at the hands of Islam but, we see around the world where Christians, where they’re the minority, where they’re being persecuted. I want our politicians to see what’s happening and I want the voices of these people who have been persecuted, I want their voices to be heard. I want to give them a stage for them to be able to tell their stories and do it right there in Washington where hopefully we can see some policy changes.”

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, the host of Washington Watch, added, “I’m not sure people realize just how significant this problem is, Christians throughout the world were killed for no other reason than that they follow Jesus Christ. And that has been growing over the last few years.”

“I think in large part it’s driven by the indifference toward religious freedom here at home. It’s sending a message to the terrorists and tyrants abroad that they’re free to do as they please when it comes to Christians.” concluded Perkins.


New Film from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s ‘My Hope’ Ministry Launched Online Sept. 1

“Decisions” film available as a free evangelism tool for churches, individuals and organizations

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Sept. 1, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ — Over the last 12 years, millions around the world have heard the Gospel through My Hope, a ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. My Hope is set to launch an all-new 30-minute program entitled “Decisions” which will be accessible-free of charge-anywhere via television broadcast, internet streaming and DVD.

“Decisions” features a Gospel message from Franklin Graham, president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and looks at the lives of people of different ages and backgrounds who have heard the Gospel through Graham’s 2016 Decision America Tour and made life-changing decisions to follow Christ.

“I’ve been talking to people about the importance of decisions. I see thousands of people faced with a choice… and I want [them] to know the truth,” said Franklin Graham. “Any time you have a crowd of people, I can guarantee there will be somebody in that crowd that doesn’t know Jesus Christ. So, every time I’m at the microphone I’m going to give the Gospel.”

Through the Decision America Tour, Franklin Graham is holding prayer rallies in each state capital encouraging Christians to vote, to live out their faith in every part of their lives, and to pray for our nation. As the tour travels to all 50 states in 2016, Graham is presenting the simple truth of the Gospel-the hope found through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Decisions,” the 2016 installment of the evangelistic films available from My Hope, follows in succession of previous films: “Value of a Soul” (2015); “Heaven” (2014); and “The Cross” (2013). Beginning Sept. 1, churches and individuals will be able to download the full program or view it at that time at A free DVD version of “Decisions,” including “A Time for Decision: Pray, Vote, Engage,” a special 30-minute program that goes behind the scenes of the Decision America Tour, will also be available. Pre-orders are now being taken with shipment expected in early fall.

“Decisions,” will also be shown as the Billy Graham television special airing on local and Christian networks beginning Oct. 10. Check local listings for airings in your area.

“We are very happy to offer this resource to the church which will powerfully present the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Steve Rhoads, vice president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, who is responsible for My Hope globally. “The church in the United States has a unique opportunity at this moment to proclaim Jesus, who offers hope and redemption to a lost world. We pray that the good news will be preached and that God will bring a revival to His people.”

For more information on My Hope, including tips on how the available free resources can be used, visit You can participate by pre-ordering your free copy of “Decisions” and beginning to pray and prepare for an event in your community.

About My Hope
Beginning in 2002, My Hope has been implemented in 60 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. More than 305,000 churches and 4 million individuals have participated, and more than 10 million salvation and rededication decisions for Jesus Christ have been recorded. My Hope was first implemented in United States in 2013, and has since resulted in more than 200,000 decisions for Christ.

This year, My Hope field representatives across the nation have been meeting and encouraging local pastors in their efforts to reach people with the Gospel. In addition to last year’s film titled “Value of a Soul,” churches continue to use other films like “Heaven,” “Defining Moments,” and “The Cross,” which collectively have seen nearly 2.25 million views on YouTube and more than 1 million copies distributed on DVD.

Meanwhile, a new film called “The Worth of a Soul” will release this fall in the UK in conjunction with My Hope UK.

Billy Graham Rapid Response Team Chaplains in Texas Following Historic Floods

Chaplains Deploying to Provide Emotional and Spiritual Care After Deadly Blanco River Flooding

CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 27, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — Crisis-trained chaplains with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team are on the ground in San Marcos, Texas, to provide emotional and spiritual care following the devastating and deadly floods that have caused widespread destruction throughout the area. From there, the chaplains will help bring assistance to nearby Wimberley and other areas affected by the overflow from the Blanco River, which – according to news reports – crested at more than 44 feet, far beyond the river’s flood stage of 13 feet.

Even as the response in San Marcos begins, the ministry is continuing to assess other flooded areas in Texas for additional potential deployments.

“We mourn with the families that lost loved ones, some of whom have not yet been found,” said Jack Munday, international director of the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team. “And we grieve with those who lost every last thing that they own, all of their dreams washed away in a surge of dirty water. The width and depth of this tragedy is extensive and heart-breaking. Please be in prayer for all of those – and there are so many – who have been tragically impacted by this storm.”

The organization has responded in coordination with Samaritan’s Purse, the Christian disaster relief organization headed by Franklin Graham, who is also president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team just wrapped up a deployment to Van, Texas, some 255 miles northeast of San Marcos, following a tornado outbreak in the small community earlier this month.

For more information on the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team, including videos, photos, news articles and an interactive map of former and current deployments, visit Updates can also be found at

About the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team:
The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team was developed by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. It has since grown into a nationwide network of chaplains in 48 states who are specifically trained to deal with crisis situations. They have deployed to more than 195 disaster sites, including shootings, floods, hurricanes, wildfires and tornadoes.

PeaceWithGod.Net: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Website Reached Millions with Gospel Message in 2012

English: President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Rea...

English: President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan greet Billy Graham at the National Prayer Breakfast held at the Hilton Washington. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

More than 4,100 Finding Christ Each Day Through Online Evangelistic Ministry

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 18, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — Nearly 8 million people around the world were presented with the message of Jesus Christ in 2012 through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association‘s ministry. Of those, nearly 1.5 million — more than 4,100 per day — registered that they prayed a salvation prayer in response to the presentation.

“This is God at work, and we’re praising Him for what is happening,” said John Cass, director of the ministry’s Internet Evangelism efforts. “We believe that each one represents someone who has been prayed for by family or friends. Each is a mother, father, son or daughter, who has recognized their need for a Savior and accepted the hope that can be found in Jesus Christ.”

Cumulatively, since the online ministry launched in May 2011, more than 9.27 million people worldwide have viewed Gospel presentations — and more than 1.67 million have indicated that they have made a commitment to Jesus Christ — on and, a Spanish-language version of the site that was launched midway through last year. uses a unique combination of search engine marketing and compelling video presentations to invite visitors into the site. When a question such as “Is there a God?” or “Is there hope?” is entered into a search engine like Google, the searcher is given the opportunity to click into There, they are able to view the Gospel message and testimonies of what God has done in the lives of people just like them. After viewing the content of the site, the visitor is given the opportunity to register a commitment to Jesus and is provided with follow-up materials to help develop their new-found faith. A network of skilled and vetted volunteers is online to chat live with those who have additional questions.

Note to Christian Media Outlets: The evangelism tool is available to use on your website free of charge, with no additional follow up or action necessary. Contact Erik Ogren at (704) 577-2109 or for more information. Click here to see how one network is incorporating into their website.

About the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) proclaims the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ throughout the world by every effective means available. From its headquarters in Charlotte, N.C., the BGEA directs a wide range of domestic and international ministries, including: large-scale festivals led by evangelists Franklin Graham and Will Graham; The Billy Graham Library; The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove, located outside of Asheville, N.C.;, an Internet evangelism project reaching thousands of people for Christ online; and many others through print, television, telephone, radio and the Internet. For more information, please visit Get news updates on Twitter at