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The Distribution of Digital Bibles More Than Doubled Across the World in 2016

SWINDON, UK, July 3, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — For the third year running, Bible Societies have distributed more than 400 million Scripture items around the world — including more than 34 million Bibles. That’s enough for more than 5% of the world’s population. And since the beginning of the decade, the United Bible Societies fellowship (UBS) has distributed Scripture material for two out of every five people on the planet. The overall 2016 total — almost 401.4 million — includes Bibles, Testaments, Gospels and smaller Scripture items like booklets for people learning to read. It’s slightly lower than 2015’s total, but is up on the 2010 total by more than 34 million items.
Digital Scriptures
The distribution of non-print Bibles such as digital downloads, CDs, Scripture texts and DVDs has more than doubled across the world in 2016, driven by the growing demand for Bibles on our phones and devices. More than three million non-print Bibles were distributed in 2016, up from less than 1.3 million in 2015. There’s been an even sharper increase since 2010, when the Fellowship distributed less than 200,000 non-print Bibles in a year. The trend mirrors growing internet use around the world. Around 45% of the world’s population now have access to the internet, and by 2020 seven out of every 10 people on the planet will own a smartphone. We spend more time on our phones than any other media.
Top five countries for the local distribution of full Bibles in 2016
• Brazil 6,773,421
• China 3,514,286
• USA 2,981,407
• Nigeria 1,965,001
• India 1,897,995
Milestone for Brazil
At the end of 2016, Bible Society of Brazil reached the milestone of 150 million Bibles and New Testaments produced at its Bible Press since 1995. It’s one of the largest printing plants in the world primarily for the production of Scriptures. Executive Director Rudi Zimmer said, “In recent decades, more than in any other period, Brazilian churches have been involved in spreading the Word, making Brazil the largest field of Holy Scripture distribution around the world today.”
Full report
The full report, with comments on numerous countries seeing a sudden spike in Bible distribution in 2016 can be found here:
United Bible Societies:
United Bible Societies is a global network of Bible Societies working in over 200 countries and territories across the world. Together, they are the world’s biggest translator, publisher and distributor of the Bible. Bible Societies are also active in areas such as HIV/AIDS prevention, trauma healing and literacy. Bible Societies work with all Christian Churches and many international non-governmental organisations. Read more:

YouVersion Bible App Reaches Quarter of a Billion Downloads

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., Dec. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — With users in every country of the world, the YouVersion Bible App has reached a quarter of a billion downloads. The Bible App was one of the first 200 apps in Apple’s App Store debut eight years ago, and this year has been the biggest year yet for Bible engagement through the app.

“We are humbled by how many people use the Bible App on a regular basis,” said Bobby Gruenewald, Life.Church Innovation Pastor and YouVersion Bible App founder. “When we decided to make the Bible available as an app, we never could have imagined how much it would revolutionize the way people engage with Scripture.”

Use of the Bible App continues to grow with significant increases in downloads in several countries across the globe, from Argentina to Tanzania to Palestine, and some countries like Mozambique, Nepal, and Bangladesh are growing by triple digits.

Along with the increase in downloads, the app saw higher engagement with Scripture in these countries. As a whole, the YouVersion community read and listened to more than 13 billion Bible chapters this year, and created more than one billion highlights, bookmarks, and notes.

Bible verse sharing reached a record 230 million shares this year, including 2016’s most popular verse, Romans 8:28: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Many users also began reading the Bible in their primary language for the first time. In July, the Bible App became the first app ever offered in 1,000 text languages, and Gruenewald says it’s only the beginning.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the many Bible societies and translation groups that make it possible for us to offer the Bible in more and more languages every month. Our goal is that every person with a mobile device will have access to the Bible in their native language through the Bible App,” said Gruenewald.

For a detailed look at the Bible App’s most recent milestones as it reached and surpasses 250 million downloads, visit to see 2016 stats and real-time data.

About YouVersion and The Bible App
YouVersion was launched as a website in 2007 as one aspect of Life.Church’s missional approach to technology to help increase access and engagement with the Bible. Since launching as one of the first 200 apps available in Apple’s App Store in 2008, the Bible App has been installed on more than 250 million devices and in every country of the world. Featuring nearly 1,500 versions and supporting more than 1,000 languages, the Bible App helps people with busy, on-the-go lifestyles read the Bible at any time and in any place. To learn more or to download the app, visit

Scripture Distribution Increases in Persecution Hotspots

Black Coptic Cross with Coptic Colors

Black Coptic Cross with Coptic Colors (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SWINDON, England, Nov. 22, 2013 /Christian Newswire/
Bible Societies in some of the countries where Christians suffer
high levels of persecution are reporting a sharp rise in the number of
Scriptures distributed.

There is no doubt
that the persecution of Christians is on the rise. Official reports and
news articles are describing it as a ‘war on Christians’, with
horrifying statistics clearly showing that Christianity is the most
persecuted religion in the world.*

But recent figures
from Bible Societies around the world indicate that in 2012, Christian
Scriptures were in more demand than ever before, including in some of
the countries where Christianity is under extreme pressure.

Global Scripture
distribution by Bible Societies rose by 6%, from just over 381 million
in 2011 to more than 405 million in 2012. Of that 405 million, 32.1
million were full Bibles, matching 2011’s record-breaking year of Bible

Syria, Iraq, Egypt,
India, Laos and Nigeria are some of the countries highlighted as
suffering high levels of persecution in the Open Doors World Watch List. In 2012, Scripture distribution by Bible Societies rose significantly in all six of these countries.

The highest increase
was in war-torn Syria, where, amidst intense fighting, the Bible
Society distributed over eight times more Scriptures in 2012 than in
2011. Scripture calendars
and special Scripture books for Christmas and Easter account for much
of this surge in distribution. Altogether, more than 163,000 Scriptures
were given out in Syria in 2012, compared to 19,000 in 2011. Just over
14,000 were distributed in 2010.

Christians in Syria
are under enormous pressure and are in great need of encouragement,”
notes Mike Bassous, General Secretary of the Lebanon Bible Society,
which oversees Bible Society work in Syria.

There was also a
substantial hike in Scripture distribution in Syria’s eastern neighbour,
Iraq, in 2012. Although there has been a huge exodus of Christians from
Iraq, around 330,000 remain and they are in desperate need of
encouragement and support. Last year, more than 66,000 items of
Scripture were distributed there – a 57% increase over the previous

Despite the
increasingly difficult situation for Christians in Egypt, Scripture
distribution rose by 25% last year, with more than 2.8 million
Scriptures distributed. As in Syria, the main increase was in Scripture booklets and leaflets, which are easy to hand out and easy to read.

For the rest of the story go to

Pastor can hand out Bibles to bikers at Wis. city’s Harley-Davidson Festival

English: The Bill of Rights, the first ten ame...

English: The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution Česky: Originál Listiny práv, prvních deseti dodatků k Ústavě Spojených států amerických Deutsch: Die Bill of Rights genannten ersten zehn Zusatzartikel zur US-amerikanischen Verfassung, die den Bürgern bestimmte Grundrechte garantieren Español: La Carta de Derechos de los Estados Unidos, el término por el que se conocen las diez primeras enmiendas de la Constitución de los Estados Unidos de América (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Attorney sound bites:  Jon Scruggs  |  Kevin Theriot

GREENFIELD, Wis. — The city of Greenfield agreed Friday to allow a pastor to continue distributing Bibles on public streets at a Harley-Davidson Festival after receiving a letter from Alliance Defending Freedom. Police had threatened the pastor with arrest for peacefully handing out the Bibles to willing passers-by at the festival.

one should be threatened with arrest simply because they choose to
exercise their First Amendment freedoms in a public place,” said Legal
Counsel Jon Scruggs. “We commend the city for promptly agreeing to
respect the constitutionally protected right of this pastor and all
Americans to peacefully distribute faith-based literature.”

Aug. 28, David Murray went to West Layton Avenue to express his
religious faith and distribute Bibles during the Harley-Davidson
Festival, which is free and open to the public. Security officers
and Greenfield police officers ordered Murray to stop expressing his
beliefs and to move to the adjacent sidewalk behind the festival
vendors, an area no one accesses.
Murray’s friend
Dan Lawrence then tried to convince a police captain to allow him and
Murray to distribute Bibles in the festival area. But the captain
reiterated that neither man is allowed to distribute Bibles on the
street inside the festival.
As the Alliance Defending Freedom letter explained, “Lawrence desires to convey his religious beliefs through activities
protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.
According to the Supreme Court, oral and written dissemination of
religious viewpoints are entitled to the utmost constitutional
The letter also explained that
“expression in a traditional public forum deserves the highest level of
protection, and any infringement of speech activity there must overcome
great scrutiny.”

Greenfield’s police chief wrote in an e-mail to
Alliance Defending Freedom on Friday that “personnel have been advised
to allow your client’s activity within the public streets, sidewalks and
right of way.”

“The government should not harass
and threaten citizens for exercising their constitutionally protected
freedoms in public,” added Senior Counsel Kevin Theriot. “The city of
Greenfield has rightly understood this, and we will continue
to monitor the situation to ensure that this pastor’s freedom to share
his faith is respected. The First Amendment specifically protects every
American’s freedom of speech and religious expression.”

New Teen Bible Created with Input from Kids and Parents Aims to Ignite Young People’s Love of Scripture

A bible from 1859.

A bible from 1859. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ignite: The Bible for Teens (NKJV) makes a big, complicated, thousands-of-years-old book
accessible to today’s young people with an interactive approach geared to kids ages 11-15. Ignite
draws upon the expertise of youth pastors and skilled Bible editors, as well as calling upon the
real experts—teens and their parents—to ensure that this would be a Bible that teens would enjoy
using. The Teen Advisory Committee, made up of 45 teens and their parents, provided
enthusiastic input on many elements. Ignite will be published on July 16, 2013, by Thomas
Nelson, a division of HarperCollins Christian Publishing.

Research conducted on behalf of Thomas Nelson, Inc., found that nearly 40% of churched teens
read their Bible outside of church less than once per week. The biggest challenge for many
middle school teens is difficulty navigating the Bible, the research found. But teens do recognize
the importance of reading Scripture. When they do read the Bible, they report that it’s because
they want to know God better; to understand God’s plan for their life; and to learn how God
expects them to act.

“Getting teens to connect with Scripture is an ongoing challenge for youth workers,” says Mark
Oestreicher, the general editor of Ignite who has worked his entire life in youth ministry. “Even
teens who feel the value of reading the Bible struggle with it.” Ignite is designed to help young
teens engage with Scripture, making what may seem like an intimidating tome approachable and
inviting. Further, Oestreicher points out, “Ignite connects the macro themes of the Bible to issues
in the real life of a typical teen.”

Most youth Bibles target older teens, ages sixteen and up. Ignite is especially for younger teens. It
employs a lively, down-to-earth tone that anticipates their questions and challenges, without
talking down to them. Several unique features help kids relate sacred wisdom to their real-world
experiences, covering key life issues for teens such as identity, relationships, and more:

•Spotlight: an overview of the Bible in just 100 readings.
•White Hot Topics: articles that highlight topics kids are thinking about: “stuff that
matters for everyday and stuff that’s important for living as a Christian.”
•Flashpoints: helpful, day-to-day topics that help teens deal with whatever may be going
on in their lives.
•Sparks: verses that focus on God’s promises.
•Soul Fuel: verses for reading and memorizing.
Ignite also includes introductions to each book of the Bible providing basic, need-to-know
information in quick bites: what the book is about, who wrote it and when, why the contents of
the book matter to the reader, and where to find key stories. Helpful “Find It Fast” indexes, and a
dictionary with topical concordance, will help prevent kids from becoming frustrated as they try
to find particular books of the Bible, verses or topics.

Mark Oestreicher,  the General Editor ofIgnite: The Bible for Teens  has been involved in church ministry his whole life, particularly with teenagers and youth workers. Marko has had a broad experience working in churches in roles ranging from Junior High Pastor to Executive Pastor. For 11 years, Marko was at Youth Specialties in San
Diego, an organization that trains and equips church youth workers – the last 8 of those years aspresident. Concurrently, Marko was also a part of the leadership team of Zondervan (GrandRapids, MI).

Marko has authored or contributed to more than 60 books, including the much-talked-about Youth
Ministry 3.0. Marko is a partner in The Youth Cartel, providing resources, training and coaching
for church youth workers. Marko’s blog.

Thomas Nelson, Inc., part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, is a world leading provider of
Christian content and has been providing readers with quality inspirational product for more than
200 years. The publishing group provides multiple formats of award-winning Bibles, books, gift
books, cookbooks, curriculum and digital content, with distribution of its products in more than
100 countries. Thomas Nelson, is headquartered in Nashville, TN with additional offices in Plano,
TX. For additional information, please visit

Scourby Audio Bible Apps…Keeping People in Touch with the Bible Anytime/Anywhere

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 15, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — For users wanting to remain in touch with the King James Bible at all times. The Scourby audio Bible Apps for iOS, and Android phone and Mobile devices are just the thing. There has not been such a technological advancement since the invention of the Guttenberg press back in the 15th Century.

The Scourby Audio Bible apps permit users to access the King James Bible like never before, perform searches of the Bible for words, chapters, book and verses in seconds. The Bible app delivers the King James Bible with text and audio synced together. The audio is provided by Alexander Scourby, who the Chicago Tribune wrote as having, “the greatest voice ever recorded.”

The title page to the 1611 first edition of th...

The title page to the 1611 first edition of the Authorized Version Bible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The app also has an electronic bookmark, history of what the users has read, play list creation feature where users can create playlists of their favourite verses, night mode and more. The Bible app either as an Android Bible or iPhone Bible is great new way to Bible Study. Many studies have shown that the bimodal presentation of text and audio together, helps with understanding, comprehension and memorization. The developer rightfully states that the Audio Bible apps are “the newest way to access the Oldest Book.”

Alexander Scourby reading the Bible passages and pronouncing all the difficult words, with the precise clarity and expression makes the Scourby KJV Bible App understandable, joyful and inspiring. It’s a true enlightening experience to hear Scourby pronounce all those unpronounceable words with such ease.

Clear and greater emphasis on the words, vocabulary and fluency improves your reading, recalling and recognition skills, while instilling enhanced confidence and motivation. This can be gauged from the numerous testimonials. One user from Scotland wrote:

“Thank you for this great product and at this price. There is so much trouble in the world, I don’t like to watch the news anymore since it’s all bad and really gets me down. So I just decided to spend more of my time listening to my Scourby audio Bible APP. I can’t tell you how good that make me feel to just spend time listening to Alexander Scourby reading the King James Bible.” T. Ruth, Scotland

Many more such testimonials from our users really motivate us to help others find the peace within. A wonderful way to connect to God and your spiritual self, you will be left thirsting for more inspiring and motivating words from the KJV Bible.

Check out Scourby Audio Bible Apps, they are easily downloadable from our website and experience the World’s greatest book being read by the World’s greatest voice

For users wanting a Bible Mp3 download in their computer, Mp3 players, iPods or other Mp3 devices, they can have that too. The Bible Mp3 Audio Bible narration comes in voice only or Dramatized and user can choose any one or get a special is they buy both. They are also available at as immediate downloads

YouVersion’s Bible App Surpasses 50 Million Installs, Increases Bible Literacy with ‘Google Era’ Features

Launches to track engagement across the world in real time.

OKLAHOMA CITY, May 10, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Fifty million people around the globe have installed the Bible App by YouVersion on their mobile device, enabling them to read the best-selling book of all time, anywhere at any time. With features that allow users to share the Bible with their social networks, do daily devotions in line at the supermarket and have instant access to the Bible, The Bible App is moving God’s Word from the Gutenberg to Google era.

A Pew Research study released yesterday found that 70 percent of all cell phone owners and 86 percent of smartphone owners have used their phones in the previous 30 days to perform “just in time” activities such as finding a sport’s score, getting traffic information or coordinating a meeting. For the 50 million who have installed the Bible App, it is likely they will be using their smart phone for Bible engagement. Since its creation, the YouVersion community has spent more than 22 billion minutes on the Bible App, creating more than 100 million bookmarks, and highlighting more than 80 million verses.

A new webpage on,, tracks users’ daily engagement with the Bible. Up-to-the-minute statistics display usage of the Bible App around the world — reading plans started in New Zealand, Bible chapters listened to in Tunisia, bookmarks created in China, and more.

“At every minute of the day, somewhere in the world, people are using the Bible App to spend time in Scripture,” said Gruenewald. “Not only are people installing the Bible App in record numbers, they are using it, consistently on a daily basis.”

The Bible App offers 294 versions of the Bible in 144 languages. launched in September 2007 and the Bible app launched in July 2008. The Bible App allows users to bookmark verses; share Scripture through email, Twitter, and Facebook; journal their thoughts; and more.

“Time spent in God’s word correlates with a closer relationship with Him,” said Bobby Gruenewald, Innovation Leader at “Our hope is to make it even easier for people to send time in the Word and increase their engagement and understanding of the Bible.”

YouVersion and the Bible App were created by a team at in Edmond, Okla., to help increase access and engagement with the Bible. YouVersion is in the top five downloaded apps in the reference category and is the No. 1 downloaded Bible on iTunes. The Bible App has been listed in the all-time top 10 apps for the iPad and the top 50 apps for the iPhone. For more information, visit

Daily Audio Bible Leaves its Mark on Israel, Launches New Arabic Format

Available in 5 languages, a kid’s version, and with nearly 52 million downloads to date, Daily Audio Bible is one of the most widely heard podcasts in the world

NASHVILLE, April 25, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Revolutionary Scripture podcast Daily Audio Bible is one of the most-listened-to podcasts in the world, with over 1.5 million listens monthly and nearly 52 million downloads. Created in 2005, Daily Audio Bible is one of the world wide web’s biggest success stories, and is now available in over 5 languages, including the newly launched Arabic format.

In February, Daily Audio Bible’s creator and daily voice, Brian Hardin, made his first trip to Israel with a group of Daily Audio Bible listeners. While in the Holy Land, the group visited Bethlehem, which is located in the Palestinian controlled region of the country.

“The massive security wall that connects the checkpoints is covered in anti-Semitic graffiti, and I noticed that in the midst of the hatred, someone had painted ‘Love Wins’ in English,” recalls Hardin. “We stopped the bus and started to ask the locals if there was someone who would be able to paint for us. No one would agree to do so, out of fear of arrest, so we bought some cans of spray paint and attempted to paint the Daily Audio Bible logo on the wall. We unexpectedly drew a crowd, with the Palestinians wondering what ‘the Americans’ were protesting.”

Before long, Hardin was in a lengthy conversation with a young Muslim student from Abu Dhabi. He had Christian friends, and engaged in a respectful discussion, eventually agreeing to write “” in Arabic on the wall.

“When I asked him if he feared arrest, he told me I had no idea what it meant to him to be able to do this for us and to write on the wall,” says Hardin. “It hit me how many people would see this and what it meant for a Christian and a Muslim to leave this mark here together. It was like the Daily Audio Bible community was leaving a sign of hope in a hopeless situation.”

In December, Christian publishing giant Zondervan released Hardin’s debut book, “PASSAGES: How Reading the Bible in a Year Will Change Everything for You,” which is designed to help readers learn that the Bible was meant to be read in bigger portions, in the way people read every other book, rather than the one-verse-at-a-time method that nullifies the big picture of Scripture. This new, exciting method motivates readers to start a daily Bible reading program that can change their lives as they rediscover the joy — rather than the routine people often make it — of reading God’s Word.

For more information, visit

U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon to Begin 90 Continuous Hours of Bible Reading on Friday

The U.S. Capitol building in Washington.

The U.S. Capitol building in Washington. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WASHINGTON, April 25, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — The 23rd annual U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon will begin at 6:00 PM on Friday, April 27, 2012. For 90 continuous hours beginning with the reading of Genesis 1:1, every word of the Bible will be read aloud and without commentary, culminating at @ 1:00 PM on Tuesday, May 1, with the reading of the final chapters of the book of Revelation. During those five days, hundreds of Bible believers will gather on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol to read a portion of the Bible, to listen and to pray.

Event: 23rd annual U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon

When: Friday, April 27, 2012, 6:00 PM through Tuesday, May 1, 1:00 PM.

Interview Contact: Rev. Michael Hall, 202-441-6457/5

Participant and event information contact: Terry Shaffer Hall, 202-441-6455 Email:

The U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon begin in 1990, the year proclaimed by a Joint Congressional Resolution and Presidential Proclamation by President George H.W. Bush as the International Year of Bible Reading. The event serves to honor the Bible, celebrate religious freedom and unite the diverse branches of Christianity around the Bible.

Readers who participate come from many backgrounds and locations all across America. Members of Congress and world-renowned Christian leaders and pastors stand alongside street people, families, military personnel, school children, nurses, teachers, and otherwise ordinary believers to raise up the Word of God.

Each year the Bible is read there by visitors from around the world in their native tongues. Bibles will be on hand in @ 100 languages. Every culture, age, denomination, race and political party is represented. Many branches of faith are represented as well, including Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, Messianic and Jewish.

The U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon is a part of a weeklong celebration of prayer and the Word, not only in the Nation’s Capital, but across the nation. Bible reading marathons will be taking place in many state capitals and county seats in conjunction with the National Day of Prayer.

Reading times can be reserved through Terry Shaffer Hall, 202-441-6455 or

Americans Evenly Split On Whether Or Not The Bible, Koran And Book Of Mormon Teach The Same Spiritual Truths

American Bible Society

American Bible Society (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nearly Half of Americans Say the Bible Should Have
More Influence on Society

American Bible Society Releases In-Depth Findings in Annual State of the Bible Survey

NEW YORK, April 17, 2012—On the heels of Gallup’s assessment of the religiosity by state, American Bible Society is releasing in-depth findings from its State of the Bible survey, which details Americans’ beliefs about the Bible, its role in society, its presence in U.S. homes and more. [Full findings available at]

The annual State of the Bible 2012 survey, conducted by Barna Group on behalf of American Bible Society, found that:
• 47% of American adults believe the Bible has too little influence in society today; only 16% believe it has too much influence, with the remaining adults expressing neutral opinions
• 55% read the Bible to be closer to God, down 9% (from 64%) in 2011
• 79% believe they are knowledgeable about the Bible but 54% were unable to correctly identify the first five books of the Bible
• 46% believe the Bible, the Koran and the Book of Mormon are different expressions of the same spiritual truths, 46% disagree
• On average, 85% of U.S. households own a Bible; the average number of Bibles per household is 4.3
• 36% of Americans read the Bible less than once a year or never while 33% read the Bible once a week or more
• Generational patterns emerged where younger adults are less likely to perceive the Bible as relevant and useful when compared with older adults.
• Sixty-two percent of adults age 66 and older believe the Bible contains everything a person needs to know about living a meaningful life, dropping to 54% among boomers (age 47 to 65), 44% among those age 28 to 46, and dropping even further to 34% for those age 18 to 27

Findings from The State of the Bible 2012 survey show Americans desire to read the Bible more and turn to it for the answers to life questions but have an increasingly less reverent view of its contents,” said David Kinnaman, president of Barna Group.

Findings have remained stable since last year with a slight shift towards less religiosity particularly among young adults.

In order to further our efforts to make the Bible accessible to people in a way that best fits their lives, it is imperative that we have a firm grasp on the views and actions of Americans around the Bible,” said Lamar Vest, president of American Bible Society. “While the message of the Bible is unchanging, how we deliver it is ever changing. The State of the Bible 2012 helps us to better understand how Americans are interacting with God’s Word.”

About American Bible Society:
Headquartered in Manhattan, the 196-year-old American Bible Society exists to make the Bible available to every person in a language and format each can understand and afford, so all people may experience its life-changing message. One of the nation’s oldest nonprofit organizations, today’s American Bible Society provides interactive, high- and low-tech resources enabling first-time readers and seasoned theologians alike to engage with the best-selling book of all time. For more information, visit

Survey Methodology:
The State of the Bible 2012 report contains the findings from a nationwide study commissioned by American Bible Society and conducted by Barna Research (a division of the Barna Group). Two research methodologies were used for the study; one included 1,016 telephone interviews with adults in the continental U.S. while the second study consisted of 1,005 online surveys using a nationally representative panel.

The use of two methodologies provided a larger sample size for key questions and ensured even greater representation among all age groups. The telephone interviews were conducted Feb. 24 – March 5, 2012 and included U.S. adults 18 years of age or older. The online surveys were conducted between March 14 – 21, 2012.