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Internationally Known Christian Writer Reflects on the Passing of Barbara Bush.


Katy, Texas: Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield founder of FaithInspires.Org released the following statement on the death of Former First Lady Barbara Bush.

“Nancy Reagan has been remembered for her talent, grace and dignity. Barbara Bush on the other hand will be remembered by most of us in a far different way. Barbara Bush is one of only two women in American History to be both the wife of a president, and the mother of a president. You have to go all the way back to the father and son Adams duo for the last time that happened. But that is not what we will remember about Barbara Bush either !

Barbara Bush will be remembered as everyone’s grandmother. The contrast between her and Nancy Reagan was striking. Bush came off as much more approachable. She was the everyone’s first lady. Someone most Americans could both admire and identify with. We will long remember her advocacy for reading, and education. She will go down in our memories as a champion of the family.

Her passing certainly saddens me, and many, many of you. My prayers and condolences go out to the Bush Family, and everyone who knew or admired this great lady. May God’s comfort and strength be with the Bush Family, and you all as you travel through your grief.”


REV. ROBERT A. CRUTCHFIELD is an internationally known Christian writer, who also served as Chairman of the Republican Party for the Sixth State Senate District (Texas) in the mid-nineties.  It was by nomination from the Office of then Governor Bush, that he was named a Local Board Member with The U.S. Selective Service System. Crutchfield’s work has appeared on Linkedin, SelfGrowth.Com, Katy Christian Magazine, and Motivate Amaze Be Great among other places. In October 2016 he was named Scriggler Author of the Month from among hundreds of writers from multiple countries.


Internationally Known Christian Writer and Minister Comments on Texas Church Shooting.

(Katy,Texas) Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield,founder of FaithInspires.Org released the following statement after hearing about today’s mass church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas. ” It is a sad day for Texas, for all Christians, and all people of sincere faith. Anytime violence strikes a  place of worship, particularly on the Sabbath, the hurt burrows deep. Any motive if known has not yet been made public. Even so we cannot remake this world according to any one tragedy. Neither can we regulate such tragedies away. We can however rededicate  ourselves to what our faith teaches us.  We live in a fallen world, one which desperately needs our example. What we can do is rededicate ourselves to reaching out to those around us. To sharing Christ’s compassion to those who are hurting. To befriend those who are struggling and feel alone. The root causes of such tragedies must be discovered and met head on with what scripture has taught us.”

Crutchfield went on to say ” As always we engage in ongoing prayer, first of all for the first responders many of whom must live the rest of their lives dealing with the horrors of events such as we saw today. Even more so we pray that God will endure with the families of those killed, the injured and their families, The First Baptist Church family and everyone in Sutherland Springs. May his comfort and strength remain with them long after the headlines have faded. ”


Crutchfield is an internationally known bi-vocational minister and Christian writer based in Katy, Texas. He is a Christian Healing Expert at SelfGrowth.Com the world’s leading self help website. He has created many articles and videos dealing with Christians and crisis. He was one of four people quoted by ChristianHeadlines.Com following the death of Nancy Reagan. Find him on YouTube

Statement on 10/1 Las Vegas Massacre.

(Katy, Texas) Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield, Christian Growth and Healing Expert at SelfGrowth.Com and founder of Faithinspires.Org released the following statement after Sunday night’s mass shooting in Las Vegas,

” I awoke a little while ago to news of the horrific massacre in Las Vegas Last night. My heart breaks for the people killed and injured and their families. No word on the shooter’s motive has been released. Even the first thought that struck me was that hearts and minds need to be changed away from the climate of Anger, Frustration, and violence that has been increasing across the country the last few years.
NO ONE can heal or change hearts and minds like Jesus Christ. This is why I encourage so much prayer following tragedies like this. Such events are beyond our understanding, much less our ability to prevent them.
I pray that those killed, injured, and their families receive God’s mercy, strength and comfort. I also pray that God have mercy on our nation and lead us to heal those things that are working so hard to divide us.”


Pastor Crutchfield can also be seen on YouTube at

Internationally Known Christian Writer Reacts to Manchester Concert Bombing

Katy, Texas) Ariana Grande was just finishing her concert when things went horribly wrong. Some report hearing one explosion, some heard only one. People began fleeing. The explosions are thought to be the work of a suicide bomber, most likely a terrorist one. It certainly was terrorist-like striking when and where people have every right to feel safe and relaxed.

Faithinspires.Org Founder Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield had the following reaction when hearing of the attack,

“ First of all I want to thank the emergency services workers who so bravely rush to assist those who were injured. I thank God every day that he has blessed us with such incredibly special people such as yourselves to protect us. To the families of the 23 killed, to the dozens injured, and their families. I assure you that my followers around the world pray for you, and mourn with you. May God grant you his comfort and strength as you journey through grief for those you lost, or recover from your injuries. We stand with you at this tragic time.”

Crutchfield was Scriggler Author of the Month in October 2016, where he beat out several hundred writers from many different countries. He is also a Christian Growth and Healing Expert at, the world’s leading self help website. His The First Responders Prayer was included in all three novels of Best Selling Christian Author Loree Lough’s First Responder Series.

International Award winning Christian Writer/Blogger Issues Statement Strongly Condemning Egyptian Church Bombings.

Katy, Texas) In response to ISIS’s claim of responsibility for the bombing of two Egyptian churches, Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield, Founder of FaithInspires.Org and an international award winning writer and blogger issued the following statement.

“ In attacking two churches on Palm Sunday, the Islamic State did not just attack two churches, but attacked the ideals that all people of faith share. They have shown us again that they have no respect for human life, or any faith but their own. Their actions are a disgrace to their faith or any other, and cannot be condoned for any reason or at any level. “

Crutchfield turned his attention to compassion for the victims adding, “ I begin by thanking God for the mercy he showed Coptic Pope Tawadros II, and all those who were spared from the attack. My heart is crying for those who were killed and injured. I encourage fervent prayer for those killed and their families, the injured, and those who were called to assist them all.”

The statement was issued through the FaithInspires.Org website, and released to the media Sunday afternoon following the attacks.

Crutchfield is the founder of FaithInspires.Org an internationally known Christian news and information blog. He was winner of the Author of the Month Award at Scriggler. Com in October of 2016. He also won the Article of the month title there both in October and December of 2016. He also is a Christian Growth and Healing Expert at He and his work have been seen in GoogleNews,, Katy Christian Magazine, and elsewhere.

International Award Winning Christian Blogger Condemns N.Y. Church Beatings

Katy,Texas)- The “Matriarch” of New Life Christian Church in New Hartford outside of Utica, New York has been jailed following the beatings of two boys aged 17 & 19. The beatings included 9 people in total and lasted all night. The boys were reportedly beaten for wanting to leave the church. One of the boys have died from the injuries sustained that night.

On hearing of the incident Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield, founder of FaithInspires.Org and Scriggler.Com Author of the Month for October 2016 released the following statement,

“ I have no independent knowledge of this incident. However what has been alleged is disturbing to me. And it should be disturbing to anyone in church leadership ! I want to be as clear as possible, beating someone is not acceptable as a means of membership retention. Beating someone is not acceptable as a means of church discipline. Beating someone is not acceptable as a method of persuasion in any part of ministry practice. The church is not some sort of street gang where once you have been “jumped in” you must be “jumped out.” What these 9 church leaders in New York are accused of reminds me more of the “Sharia Law” kind of discipline most of us Christians find abhorrent, than anything found in the teachings of our beloved savior Jesus Christ. My prayers remain with the families of the teens involved and the members of the church where this happened.”

Crutchfield’s blog FaithInspires.Org is read in nearly every nation of the world. It is currently ranked 33rd out of 965 member blogs by the Fellowship of Christian Bloggers. He also serves as a Christian Growth and Healing Expert at SelfGrowth.Com, one of the world’s leading self-help websites. He won both Article of the Month and Author of the Month Awards in’s monthly competition in October 2016. He has been seen in ChristianHeadlines. Com, Google News and other sites & publications.

The Story of a Grandfather’s Pride


Back when I was in junior high our school had what they called the victory flag. It flew in front of the school only when somebody (usually a sports team) won something against another school. There came a day when I was in a speech contest against two other nearby schools, and I won. My teacher/coach brought me back to school just in time to hear the principal say over the P.A.system, ” The victory flag is flying !” The whole school  started clapping and cheering. It was an amazing feeling, and I  thought I could never feel prouder.

Until today, today I am a grandfather and my oldest grandson is the one in junior high. Today he was in a drama tournament. The first time he has ever competed in anything with other schools. He entered five events, and reached the semi-finals in two. Not bad for  a sixth grader on his first time out. He did not win the top prize today. However has many reason to be proud of what he accomplished today. If he has reason to be proud, then I as his grandfather also have reason to be proud.

He should be proud that he had the courage to try. Many people much older than him would not perform in front of people like he did in five different ways today. There’s even less of  a chance that they would do so in a competitive environment that involved hundreds of other students.

He should be proud that as young as he is, he has discovered that he has a talent that makes him happy, and through that talent he is able to bring happiness to other people

He should be proud that he has the initiative, and the confidence at such a young age to put his talents and abilities to the test against so many others.

He should be proud that he can start his day at 7am and keep himself going until 6pm. That would be  along day for any of us !

He should be proud that he made the semi-finals in two of his five events on his first time out. Many of his fellow competitors did not. Some of them likely had more experience than he does in and out of competition.

He should be proud for not taking the easy way out. Entering five completely different events, not just one. This of course required five times the commitment, and five times the practice.

He was of course disappointed that he didn’t win. But he will realize among other things that the fact he is not satisfied with doing well, but desires to be the best is yet another thing to be proud of. I am proud of him for all of these reasons.  There will always be other competitions. With time, and patience, and the burning desire I know him to have, the wins will come. With pride  I look forward to sharing Devin Morrison with the world.



FaithInspires.Org Founder Comments on Brussels Attack

Katy, Texas) Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield, founder and editor of FaithInspires.Org an internationally known Christian news and information blog released the following statement on the terrorist attacks in Brussels. “ The tears of the world flow for the people of Brussels, and the families of those killed or wounded in the attacks. Make no mistake, the radical Islamic terrorist we are dealing with currently are not the old school terrorists who only want a seat at the table. They are not interested in debate or negotiation. Our concern as Christians is not that they want to destroy our buildings or bodies. Our concern is they want to destroy our beliefs !”

Crutchfield continued “ My sincere thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those slaughtered, and the wounded and their families. I also do not want to forget the people of Belgium who have suffered greatly for the sake of all of us.”

FaithInspires.Org Founder Reacts to the Death of Nancy Reagan

Pastor Robert A. Crutchfield founder of FaithInspires.Org an internationally known Christian News and Information blog released the following statement on the death of Nancy Reagan, ” First we lost Justice Scalia, now this morning we learned that Nancy Reagan passed away from congestive heart failure. In less than a month Christian Americans, Conservative Americans, and our nation’s cultural heritage lost a huge portion of our hearts. Even many among those who disagreed with her husband’s politics respected Nancy Reagan as a woman of class and dignity. As an actress she gave us many hours of entertainment. As First Lady she made us proud. May God’s comfort and strength be with her family, and many friends as they travel through their grief. My thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out to them all.”