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FaithInspires.Org Launches New Faith and Fighting Peer Pressure Free Online Mini-Course.

( Katy, Texas) FaithInspires.Org the internationally known Christian news and information blog, has expanded its ministry by launching its first online mini-course. The course Faith and Fighting Peer Pressure is the first of what is hoped to be many by the ministry. Faith and Fighting Peer Pressure is built around a video derived from FaithInspires Founder Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield’s award winning article What Compass Guides Your Thinking. The video is done in “white board “ style complete with background music and a computer generated voice-over. Completing the course are study questions written by Crutchfield, and additional readings selected by him. The whole mini-course can be finished in less than half an hour. It is hosted by, a well respected source of short online courses. It can be accessed online at

Speaking about the course, and FaithInspires’ new initiative to create online courses Crutchfield said,

“The Christian Church has never been just about Sunday, or just about buildings. It has always been about bringing the Good News of the Cross to people in as many ways as possible. For our ministry to grow, we need to reach those to whom tablets and smart phones are the primary way of communicating and gathering information. These new e-courses are an important part of our strategy to do just that !.”

Thinking of the challenges involved in the new effort Crutchfield continued, “ This effort is our ministry stepping out in faith. We do not currently have the money, facilities or volunteers to do this. We are relying on God through his people to provide what is necessary to do this.”

Those who feel moved to contribute to this effort can do so by going to their website, www.FaithInspires.Org and clicking on the Donate to FaithInspires link at the top of the right hand column. Rev. Crutchfield can also be reached by email at



FaithInspires.Org Founder Leads National Writing Competition with Less Than a Week to Go !

(Katy, Texas)- With only days remaining Faithinspires.Org Founder Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield is leading in the Author of the Month Contest at The contest is based on the three most popular publications a writer has at that site for a particular month. Writers can make submissions in opinion articles, poems, stories etc. All three of Crutchfield’s articles in the competition are vying in the opinion article category, although writers can enter any combination of manuscripts. In fact all three of Crutchfield’s articles are in the top 10 in their category !

The articles making up Crutchfields entry, and their current rankings are,

How Not to Buy Electronics– Leveraging off Crutchfield’s over 10 years experience in consumer electronics, this article shows how consumers can be more informed in their buying approach.  Currently ranked 1 out of 239 entries. Read full article.

Customer Service Tips Every Retail Associate Should Know– Also based on Crutchfield’s secular experience. This article shows different strategies a retail associate can use to gain happier, more satisfied customers. This article is currently ranked 3rd out of 239 entries. Read Full Article.

The Story of a Grandfather’s Pride– Here he lets us share an open letter of sorts he wrote to to his oldest grandson, after the grandson competed in his first drama competition. in this article the message Crutchfield has for his grandson, and other young people is there is honor and achievement in having the courage to try. He also points out that seeking to be a better version of you makes you a winner no matter what the final score. Read Full Article

Combined these three articles are doing so well that Crutchfield ranks 1st out of 395 total entrants for Scriggler’s Author of the Month Award for October ! The contest is based on reader interaction. So every page view, comment or like helps decide the winner. Those wishing to help our founder win this prestigious award are asked first of all to pray for his success. Pray that not only will he win this award, but will bring him and this ministry to the attention of people that we might not otherwise come into contact with.  Pray that we will inform and education these new visitors as god would seem fit. The most important practical thing anyone can do is click on the links above, read, like and comment on each article. Each view, comment and like puts Pastor Crutchfield that much closer to winning !

Evangelical Leaders Campaign for National Hope: ‘Make Church Great Again'(tm)

DENVER, Aug. 23, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ — In just a few days, churches across the nation will attempt to inject hope into this election season by participating in a campaign of congregational renewal and extraordinary prayer. Pastor, author and conference speaker Daniel Henderson is spearheading this effort because he is convinced that too many Christians are feeling an unprecedented hopelessness about the current state of affairs in our nation. This campaign aims to instill new optimism and deeper faith in God’s ability to transform our society.

Henderson says, “We have overestimated the role national government serves in actually bringing real change to our nation. Our history proves that America has been more prosperous during times of spiritual revival. Our nation will never be great again until the church is great – according to God’s terms.” Henderson is convinced that the single greatest need in our nation today is Jesus Christ living through a revived church. The campaign will culminate with a live national webcast on October 22 (also called “Make CHURCH Great Again!”) with churches all across North America participating.

Daniel Henderson served as the pastor of several mega-churches over a period of 25 years and is now the leader of a national renewal movement, Strategic Renewal International. He speaks regularly in leadership conferences, local churches and is the author of 10 books.

The “Make Church Great Again” campaign will feature a four-week study designed for congregations, Sunday School classes and small groups. Each week will feature a 10-minute video lesson, interactive discussion guide and a dynamic participatory prayer tool. The four themes are:

  • Part One: The Picture of a Great Church
  • Part Two: The Portrait of a Great Christian
  • Part Three: The Priorities of a Great Leader
  • Part Four: The Possibility of a Great Future
Accompanying this study will be an optional resource, Henderson’s newest book, Old Paths, New Power – Awakening Your Church through Prayer and the Ministry of the Word.

Big Screen Lies — Rock Band Stryper Exposes Bible Myths as the Church Endorses Them

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Nov. 9, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — “You’ve got to love how they portray Christianity, just a freak another fool for the world to see…” ( “I applaud the guys from Stryper for speaking out against anti-faith media propaganda in their new song ‘Big Screen Lies’ from their current release ‘Fallen.’ For decades Bible myths on the big and small screen have been met with either deafening silence from the church or the opposite, endorsements from well-known Pastors and Christian Celebrities who desire praise and influence from filmmakers despite the poor content,” stated Rick Dack of Defending the Bible Int’l (
A simple read-through of film reviews of Exodus: Gods and Kings, Son of God, A.D. The Bible Continues, The Bible: The Epic Miniseries, The Nativity Story, Mary, Mother of Jesus and others is a clear indicator that biblical illiteracy in the church is alive and well. Sadly, some of these films and other content are being used in Bible studies. Yikes.

What are the current “Big Screen Lies and Small Screen Attacks” that the church needs to seek out and destroy?

• God is an alcoholic, sexual voyeur who’s evil (Family Guy, Robot Chicken).

• Christians have low intelligence. Vulgar, money-grubbing pedophile clergy (South Park, The Simpsons).

• Heaven and angels are fiction (American Dad).

• Exploding rock monsters helped Noah build the ark. Noah wanted his grandchildren dead (Russell Crowe’s Noah).

• Noah was an insane drunk (NBC’s Noah’s Ark).

• Noah sold beer and animals. Moses stole Genesis from pagans. (The Discovery Channel).

• Noah’s Ark broke apart and sunk (The Discovery Channel).

• Abraham/Isaac sacrifice mocked (Family Guy).

• The Exodus miracles were faked (The Simpsons).

• The “Exodus” plague of blood — a crocodile attack (Exodus: Gods and Kings).

• Nativity scenes are evil (The Simpsons).

• Angels disguise themselves as children (The Bible: The Epic Miniseries).

• Jesus may have been the son of a Roman/Herodian soldier (The Nativity Story – 2006 film, In Search of Christmas documentary).

• Jesus faked miracles, sexualized crucifixion (Family Guy, American Dad).

• Jesus’ blood is delicious (Lil’ Bush).

• No Barabbas (AD: The Bible Continues).
• Jesus was confused about his identity as the Messiah (Mary, Mother of Jesus starring Christian Bale).

• He (Jesus) was forced into ministry by his mother (Mary, Mother of Jesus).

• Jesus vanished from the cross or was eaten by animals (Jesus: The Complete Story, BBC/Discovery Channel).

• Jesus’ words from the cross are fiction (FOX’s Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Jesus).

• Jesus was drugged to make him appear dead (Jesus: The Complete Story, BBC/Discovery Channel).

• Jesus walks up a mountain – no ascension to Heaven (AD: The Bible Continues).

• Peter became a disciple for the money (The Discovery Channel).

• Paul… (See more examples at

“Now is the time to counteract Hollywood Bible myths with weekly apologetic church classes and support faith-based rock bands like Stryper who fortunately have the guts to speak out. Those that appear righteous yet say nothing or endorse error in the name of ‘Christian nice’ breed biblical illiteracy and ruin,” stated Rick Dack of Defending the Bible Int’l.

Films that did strive for biblical accuracy include The Gospel of John, A.D. (1984, the original production), In the Beginning, The Story of Jacob and Joseph, Passion of the Christ and Peter and Paul. Admittedly these films aren’t perfect but didn’t couch their films with nonsensical, “creative license” disclaimers that allow straying from the biblical text for dramatic/script purposes such as this example, “this program is an adaptation of Bible stories. It endeavors to stay true to the spirit of the book” (The Bible: The Epic Miniseries).

Rick Dack travels the country with his multimedia “Biographies of the Bible” training classes ( that reacquaint Church congregations and Bible students with biblical persons and events, stress biblical literacy, expose current media myths about the scriptures, provide information on faith-friendly entertainment alternatives and more. Include this unique ministry on your Churches 2015/2016 calendar.