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LOS ANGELES, Feb. 5, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ — Chris Corso, creator and owner of, says, “GBYTCH is not in the business of selling horns, but in the business of making smiles. God bless you talking car horn’s doors are open to all – Christians, Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterian, Muslims, Jewish and even the non-religious. It is a very unique car horn, like no others.”


Owners of Godblessyoutalkingcarhorn simply press the remote on their key tag and listen to “God Bless You” at just right level, not too loud- but not intrusive.


“It’s a quiet retort to an angry horn, most of the time it’s a smile maker,” observed Corso. Pulling out of a parking space into traffic, toot the GBY horn to the person that gives you a break, It’s a smile. Stop to allow a family to cross the street, toot GBY it’s a smile. A sneeze by someone as you sit at a red light…toot GBY it’s a smile. And if you can handle a little extra attention at church on Sunday, toot GBY in a church parking lot, many smiles.


These are just some of the examples founder Chris Corso offers up. Test marketing is being done in Texas, Oklahoma, as well as in Southern California. Comments such as “Amen, and I want one,” have been received.


At $49.95 “You can create miles and miles of smiles, coming and going, theirs and yours, day in week out.” Corso says, “It’s in God’s hands now or should I say, in God’s horn?”


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Guilt by Association: Business Leader Blocked in India — Founder of India-Based Technology Firm Denied Access to India Due to Christian Clients

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., June 26, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — India now ranks right behind Saudi Arabia on the Open Doors International “World Watchlist” as one of the worst countries in which to be a Christian — the result of a growing number of Hindu nationalists who see the Christian faith as an attempt to delegitimize Hinduism as India’s native religion. This growing anti-Christian sentiment in India is now starting to affect U.S. business relationships.
Mr. Thomas Sudyk, President and CEO of EC Group International, a Rockford, Michigan based technology business was surprised when his visa was flagged by the Consul General of India in Houston, which resulted in the denial of entrance into India last Fall (October 5, 2016). “When I arrived in Chennai, India, I was informed that the Houston Consulate had flagged my visa and I would not be permitted to enter India.” Mr. Sudyk explained. “For the past 17 years, I have frequently traveled to India to manage the affairs of EC Group Datasoft Pvt. Ltd. I have a 10-year multiple entry visa. Apparently,” he observed, “I was flagged because several of my clients are Christian organizations.”
On January 13, 2017, the national news reported that the government of India had blocked all foreign donations to Compassion International, a Christian organization focused on feeding impoverished children, despite the fact that over 44% of Indian children under five are underweight and 72% of its infants suffer from anemia, in fact, the World Bank estimates that India is now one of the highest ranking countries in the world for the number of children suffering from malnutrition. In March 2017 Compassion closed its operations in India after 48 years, informing tens of thousands of children that they will no longer receive meals, medical care or tuition payments. The Hindu-based nationalist mindset has so influenced the thinking of the current Indian government leaders, that they are overlooking the desperate needs of their malnourished Indian children to protect their Hindu religion.
This religious nationalism is affecting U.S. based Indian leaders also. For example, a cursory glance at the tweets of the Consulate General of India in Houston executive Anupam Ray, (@anupamifs) shows that one of his top priorities is the evangelization of the Hindu religion in Texas. He and some of his associates are also using their position to block the real or perceived threats of the advancement of Christianity in their homeland, including legitimate business people like Mr. Thomas Sudyk.
On June 26, 2017 President Trump will host India Prime Minister Narendra Modi to strengthen ties between the two nations. One of the primary discussion topics will be advancing trade dialogue to create jobs in both countries. Business leaders like Tom Sudyk are hoping that President Trump will be able to defuse the religious hyper-sensitivity of the government of India so that companies like EC Group can continue to build mutually beneficial business relationships.
About EC Group: In 1999, Tom Sudyk, CEO and founder of EC Group International established e-commerce operations in Chennai, India. The vision for expanding to India served two purposes. One was to provide US companies safe access to the abundant talent India had to offer. The second purpose was to establish a company that would make a difference to the people it touched. These values have created a competitive advantage by attracting and retaining some of the best talent in the industry.

Kingdom, Inc. Announces Launch of New Website for Sales, Marketing of Christian Products –

MANSFIELD, Pa., April 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — After more than a year of careful planning and development, Kingdom, Inc. is pleased to announce the soft launch of The new ecommerce site will provide an outlet for anyone to advertise and market Christian products to a large, faith-based audience.

“ is more than just a place to shop – it’s also a community,” explains Johnny Berguson, president and founder of Kingdom, Inc. “We built this site to enable people to connect with each other under the common banner of faith. Our goal at is to create a marketplace where both members and sellers can benefit. Sellers can advertise their Christian products with their own personal storefronts, and members have convenient access to diverse product offerings from many vendors on a single site.”

The content and items on represent the collaboration of individuals and vendors who would otherwise have no means of sharing their products with the global Christian community. The design and “feel” of the site replicates big-name ecommerce hubs like Amazon and eBay; the key difference is that is the only site of its kind to offer exclusively Christian products all in one place. Current product categories include apparel, art, books, gifts, electronics, handmade items and pet supplies.

The parent company of – Kingdom, Inc. – has over 35 years of experience in Christian commerce, during which time the company has worked closely with countless individuals, ministries, evangelists, businesses and schools. Kingdom has a strong track record of treating everyone with respect, from individuals to large companies. To that end, will not discriminate between vendors selling just a few items and vendors with thousands of products in their inventories. intends to offer guaranteed low prices to buyers, top-shelf customer service and an immense selection of products. Berguson expects site traffic to ramp up quickly, based on his past experience and the strength of his reputation in the Christian business community.

For sellers, offers a free listing structure for up to 30 listings. Vendors needing to list more than 30 items can graduate to a monthly membership. The site collects a final value fee of 10% whenever an item sells. has adopted PayPal as its payment option, providing lock-tight security and creating a worry-free shopping experience for all parties.

The community section of affords shoppers an opportunity to feel a sense of connection that many ecommerce destinations lack. The section includes site announcements, social media links, help links and a community forum to encourage networking and socializing.

Berguson got his start as a Christian entrepreneur 35 years ago selling cassette tape instructional courses on horse training. The business then expanded to include blank tape sales to churches and other organizations. Kingdom, Inc. has since grown to become a leading supplier of audiovisual hardware and accessories. The company has twice been listed in the Fortune 500 and has won the Top 1,000 website award for two years running. Today, the launch of marks another significant achievement in Kingdom’s remarkable history.

Vendor registration is now open, and welcomes all vendors who have faith-based merchandise to sell. Berguson encourages anyone with questions to send an email to

About is a DBA of Kingdom, Inc. Over the years, Kingdom has fielded many customer inquiries regarding how they could better advertise and market their Christian products and items. has been designed and developed as an answer to those questions and a powerful resource for Christian entrepreneurs, businesses and consumers around the world.

Values are the foundation of everything does. Like its parent company, is intent on creating meaningful experiences for customers and vendors, all within a family-friendly ecommerce setting.

New Website, Bible Business Tips, Launches to Give Useful Tips on Running a Business Using Insight, Knowledge, and Advice from the Bible

NEW YORK, Nov. 5, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ — A brand new website, Bible Business Tips, is very proud to announce its official launch on the 28th of October 2014 with the purpose of giving useful and helpful tips on how to run a business with the use of insights, knowledge and advice that comes from the Bible itself. Created by Arthur Cundy, the founder of 3eleven Creative, this one of a kind website hopes to change the business industry in many ways.

Different businesses are being introduced in all corners of the world every single day, with each and every one of them following different strategies and methods for them to become successful and well known in their respective niches. Business owners are also given the chance to easily search online for various tips that can help them in running their business in the smoothest flow possible.

However, Arthur Cundy noticed that after being in the business for 14 years, he never encountered any information as to how to run a business with the use of the Bible. With people usually relying on the Bible for insights on their parenting, marriage or self-development, why can’t they use the Holy Book for their business? This is what inspired Arthur Cundy to create Business Bible Tips.

“I’m passionate about business and helping others achieve their goals. There’s tons of business advice out there; but I wanted to contribute something different to the conversation using the timeless knowledge of the Bible,” according to Arthur Cundy.

The bible holds the Guinness World Record as the best selling book of all time. It has been printed over 6 billion times and translated to almost 7,000 languages.

With the Bible containing a wealth of wisdom, Arthur believes that this wisdom can be applied to all areas of people’s lives, including business. At Business Bible Tips, different topics will be covered that can be useful for business owners, including self improvement, finance, ethics and productivity. Through these topics, everyone can expect to learn the most important Biblical lessons that they can apply to running their business effectively and productively.

This new website aims to help all business owners on how to reach success with their businesses.

For more information about Business Bible Tips, feel free to visit its website at

About Bible Business Tips
Bible Business Tips, run by Arthur Cundy, Founder of 3eleven Creative, is an email newsletter that helps business owners and entrepreneurs run their business better using timeless biblical advice. More details can be found at