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Researcher Claims Discovery of ‘Jesus in the Stars’

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Aug. 31, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — Forget the grilled cheese sandwich or the tree bark bearing the likeness of Jesus of Nazareth, a historical researcher claims to have discovered what appears to be a representation of the crucifixion “in the stars” on the day he is believed to have died.
In an illustration (hi-res version available on request) released today to the public, the planets Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Earth and Venus align on an orrery model to form what looks like Jesus on the cross with the head, the hands spread out and the legs together in accurate positioning, rotation and on a galactic scale. Indeed, even Saturn’s rings can be viewed as representing the “halo” or “crown of thorns.”
Moreover, and perhaps most noteworthy, is the date of the alignment, the day commonly viewed as that of Jesus’ actual crucifixion, April 3, 33 A.D.
“More than a few studies have pinpointed that date based on the Bible, calendars, astronomical conditions, even geology,” says Miguel Antonio Fiol, the researcher who made the discovery.
It was while researching a manuscript that the UW-Madison history major came across the odd planetary formation using multiple heliocentric orrery models to study the date of Jesus’ death via a top-down view of the solar system.
“Even at first glance I knew it looked like the crucifixion,” he adds. “But it took time to uncover all the incredible parallels.”
Beyond appearing like the crucifixion, Fiol says other notable findings include:

•        The “crown of thorns” (or “halo”) is represented by Saturn’s rings.

•        The alignment began in mid-March and lasted through mid-April of 33 A.D.

•        Alignment appeared previously in the year 4 B.C., regarded by some scholars as the year of Jesus’ birth.

•        Fiol says the alignment appears to have occurred only six times between the year 0 and 2000 A.D., equivalent to once every 333 years.
•        Drawing a direct line from Jupiter through Mars to the centerline yields an accurate point for the “waistline.”

•        Most notable finding perhaps is that the two “hands,” Uranus and Jupiter, spin in opposite directions as do the two ‘feet,’ represented side-by-side by the planets Earth and Venus.
“Those planets rotate as opposites or mirrors, like your left and right hand and your feet,” says Fiol, who spent years researching historical figures, works and symbols such as π to find patterns and underlying meanings. “It was Da Vinci’s The Last Supper that led me here,” he quips cryptically and without irony.
Fiol claims his findings are easily verifiable yet concedes there will be interpretation, realistic models and bias. “People will see what they want to see though I think coincidence is a hard argument,” he concludes.
“It’s like spotting Jesus on a Reuben or any kind of sandwich, either you see it or you don’t.”

Hume Lake Christian Camps Assesses Fire Impact

HUME, Calif., Aug. 27, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — Residents of Hume Lake have begun to make their way home and are starting to assess the impact the Rough Fire continues to have in the region.

One side of Hwy 180 is charred and burnt to the ground, while the other side still has the amazing trees for which the Sequoia National Forest is famous. Ash continues to fall on the camp property and buildings will need to be treated for smoke damage. The lake for which the camp is named, which was already very low due to the drought, continues to lower each day from the fire fighting operations. Airplanes and helicopters still fly overhead as the Rough Fire maintains its presence and spot fires spring up around the forest.

“Hume is forever charged, and yet, it’s still so beautiful. The fire has left its mark, but it hasn’t even slightly diminished the beauty,” says Jocey Pearsey, Development Coordinator.

The Country Fair, hosted by Hume Lake Christian Camps every year for the last 50 years, has been cancelled. This is the largest single-day fundraiser for the camp each year. Loss of revenue from the cancellation of this event is over $100,000. In order to help quell the costs associated with forced cancellations and the cleanup costs to the camp, Hume Lake is asking for people to consider giving $15 in 2015.

Donations can be given at

Hume Lake Christian Camps is a year-round youth camp and adult retreat center providing epic, high-energy, life-changing programs for churches, schools, teams and groups. Since 1946, more than one million campers have gone through this ministry and experienced the love and power of a life lived in Christ through recreation, music and speaking.

The Rough Fire began with a lightning strike on July 31, 2015 and now encompasses about 56,000 acres and is only 25% contained.

For up-to-date information visit #PrayForHume #HumeLake #RoughFire

Standing With Hope Offers New Limbs, New Lives

Author of Hope for the Caregiver offers real life answers for those caring for others

NASHVILLE, Aug. 25, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — A prosthetic limb team returns to Accra, Ghana this week to continue its work in training and equipping local workers to build limbs for their own people.  Standing With Hope is the vision of author and radio host, Peter Rosenberger and his wife Gracie, who had both of her own legs amputated as a result of a horrific car accident as a teenager.

For more than a decade Standing with Hope has worked with the Republic of Ghana to create a sustainable prosthetic limb infrastructure for amputees.  “We’re eager to return,” states Standing With Hope president, Peter Rosenberger.  “We delayed sending more teams until the Ebola issue in West Africa calmed down a bit, and Ghana Health Services should be commended for their great work in helping prevent any cases of Ebola in their country.”

“We set out on this mission with the understanding that putting a prosthetic leg on an amputee helps one person walk, but teaching and equipping someone to make and maintain limbs help hundreds walk.  We do both, while pointing them to Christ—which equips those patients to continue standing with hope.”

The same passion that’s equipped a sustainable infrastructure for amputees in Ghana, also drives Standing With Hope’s new outreach to help sustain family caregivers.  Peter Rosenberger draws upon his own thirty year journey as his wife’s caregiver in his new book, Hope for the Caregiver.  In his book and on his weekly radio show, he describes the hell that his wife, Gracie went through – 78 operations, 60 physicians, a dozen hospitals and costs topping $9 million. He calls caregiving “One of the toughest jobs on earth.” But through his own experiences, Rosenberger is reaching out to the vast population of family caregivers with the hand of experience.

“The cry of the heart,” says Rosenberger, “is often drowned out by the moan of the body.” Chronic pain and fatigue have a way of blocking our field of view – and often all our loved ones can see is their own need. He explains how feeling out of control can scare us and make us feel vulnerable, confused, fearful, even angry or depressed. “While those feelings can often lead to destructive and poor behavior, the challenges of caregiving don’t cause character defects, they only amplify them—we are still responsible for our own choices and actions.”

“Our mission is mobility, message, and ministry,” Peter states. “We’re reaching out to others with the same hope that continues to sustain us, and we’re doing it one leg—and one weary heart at a time.”

Jesusland Author Endorses Cruz 2016


MEDIA ADVISORY, Aug. 25, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — In the Bible, Exodus 18:21 teaches Christians when picking leaders to “select from all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness.”

David Jeffers, author of “Understanding Evangelicals: A Guide to Jesusland” (, in his latest video ( says such a man is Ted Cruz.

“Ted Cruz has already shown his willingness to defend Christian’s 1st Amendment rights, that he will stand for truth by calling the leader of his Senate caucus a liar, and that he will stand against what Cruz calls ‘the Washington Cartel.'”

Jeffers says Cruz has already proven his fundraising prowess and campaign organization abilities, which is just as important in the 21st Century political arena.

Additionally, Cruz has proven his ability to stand up to the “gotcha” world of politics in his handling of Code Pink and lesbian actress Ellen Page’s attempt to get him to back down from his biblical principles.

Jeffers adds, “We need a candidate who not only understand the issues America faces as a nation and the ability to run an effective campaign, but also someone who will stand for the truth no matter how uncomfortable the situation.”

David Jeffers wholeheartedly endorses Ted Cruz because Cruz understands the issues that are important to evangelicals that Jeffers wrote about in his 2006 book.

Hume Lake Christian Camps Rallies Churches for Continued Prayer for Fire Protection

HUME, Calif., Aug. 22, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — The Rough Fire continues to advance to Hume Lake Christian Camps, located in the Sequoia National Forest. The Hume staff and community are asking for continued prayer in a few specific areas this weekend.

Pray for the hundreds of firefighters working the fire, including the volunteer Hume fire department, and for the handful of Hume staff who remain behind to keep basic camp operations going for the firefighters. Pray for the displaced camp staff and their families, many of them who have loved ones remaining at Hume.

Pray for the cancellation of retreats and guests to Hume and the loss of revenue with that. Pray for the team as they coordinate the logistics and volunteers to restart camp operations.

“We are not defined by our buildings or facilities,” said Executive Director, Dathan Brown to the staff on Saturday morning. “We are defined by our mission.”

Hume Lake Christian Camps is a year-round youth camp and adult retreat center providing epic, high-energy, life-changing programs for churches, schools, teams and groups. Since 1946, more than one million campers have gone through this ministry and experienced the love and power of a life lived in Christ through recreation, music and speaking.

The Rough Fire began with a lightning strike on July 31, 2015 and now encompasses over 40,000 acres.

Prayer: The Way Through Disaster

By Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield
Editor, FaithInspires.Org

Disasters come in many shapes and sizes. A Family may find itself facing their home lost in a fire, a job loss, death of a member and any other things. A Community could face wildfires, tornadoes, floods, disease out breaks, explosions etc. Over the years I have been a Red Cross Disaster volunteer, a state guardsman, a U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliarist, and a fire department chaplain. I have at least minimal training or experience responding to disaster with boats, planes, helicopters and more I even read recently about NASA’s new CYGNSS microsatellites which will greatly increase hurricane predictions. So I have a pretty good idea of what can be done to help people in all sizes of disasters. And I do not want to be misunderstood, these groups do very critical work in times of disaster, and I am very proud of the associations I have been blessed to have with them

Years ago I met John Glenn when he was running for president. If running for president wasn’t enough he had already been a highly decorated Marine, one of our country’s most legendary astronauts, and a U.S. Senator. When I first met Rick Perry who is currently running for president he was Texas’ elected Agriculture Commissioner. He came to Houston to ask me and a couple of dozen other local leaders if he should run for Lt. Governor. All told I have help appointed office, or other positions at the party, city, county, regional, state, and federal levels. So I also have a fair idea what can be done from the halls of power for disaster or anything else.

All of which I tell you so you will fully grasp what I am about to say. Out of all the power I have seen be it political, governmental, non profit groups, I have only witness on power great enough to see you through any disaster that may come your way. That power is the power of prayer !

Only power can grant you peace when the storms are ranging. Prayer is the key to the strength you need when yours alone is not enough. Prayer is so powerful that even non spiritual people find that the simple act of venting their challenges through praying (especially aloud) actually does help them. The point of this last point is very powerful alone. Think about it for a minute, even if God were not real ( but of course he is !) there is very good reason to believe that pray could still help ! You truly have nothing to lose !.

When the fire department, Red Cross or whomever have left. Prayer and its pipeline to God will still be there for you. It will never leave you.

T.D. Jakes once had this to say about the value of prayer in times of adversity,
“ Prayer will get you out of a pinch, prayer will get you out of a crises, prayer will get you out of your dilemma, prayer will get you out of your trouble.”

Jakes in his comment even seems to emphasis just as a do that prayer has the ability to scale itself so that it is more than big enough to tackle whatever you may be facing !

I have seen just about every kind of power this world has to offer. So I can tell you with great creditability, that when you are facing disaster large or small nothing has the power to see you through like prayer !

Fire Threatens Hume Lake Christian Camps

HUME, Calif., Aug. 19, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — An uncontained forest fire threatens Hume Lake Christian Camps, located in the Sequoia National Forest. The Hume Community is asking Christians around the world to pray for the protection of the camp and the continued safety of all camp staff and firefighting personnel.

“We are trusting God, and we are asking you to pray. Please help us mobilize the Christian community around the country to pray,” says Dathan Brown, Executive Director.

Hume Lake Christian Camps is a year-round youth camp and adult retreat center providing epic, high-energy, life-changing programs for churches, schools, teams and groups. Since 1946, more than one million campers have gone through this ministry and experienced the love and power of a life lived in Christ through recreation, music and speaking.

The Rough Fire began with a lightning strike on July 31, 2015 and now encompasses over 30,900 acres. It has crossed the King’s River and has progressed within miles of the homes and ministry buildings of the camp. All non-essential personnel have been evacuated successfully. About 30 full-time staff remain to help keep the utilities, kitchen and other infrastructure running for the firefighting Command Post now situated on the camp grounds.

At 7:30 Wednesday the 19th Hume Lake Christian Camps provided the following update,

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 – 7:30pm

As the fire advanced towards Hume today, we were asked to evacuate the remaining staff at 4:30pm today. As of 6:00pm, all remaining support staff have left Hume Lake. Our fire team, a core utilities team, and over 400 firefighters remain to defend structures. For more information, watch this video from our Executive Director. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

President Obama Betrays Religious Freedom by Leaving Pastor Saeed in an Iranian Prison After Securing Nuclear Deal

BOSTON, Aug. 18, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — Activists to travel to Martha’s Vineyard and Boston to challenge President Obama and Secretary Kerry to work for the immediate release of Pastor Saeed.

The project is part of the #orangejumpsuit campaign which encourages people to stand in solidarity with the persecuted church worldwide.

The campaign calls for Congress not to support any Iranian nuclear deal while Pastor Saeed is imprisoned.

Here is a national news story and editorial about #orangejumpsuit:

The group will have a news conference and public witness in front of the home Secretary of State Kerry on Wednesday, August 19, at 12:00 P.M.

That address is 19 Louisburg Square, Boston.

On Thursday, August 20, the #organgejumpsuit campaign will be traveling to Martha’s Vineyard in an attempt to speak to President Obama about securing the immediate release of Pastor Saeed.

Some of the members of the group will be wearing orange prison jumpsuits with Pastor Saeed’s name on it.

Pastor Saeed is Iranian born American citizen who was given an 8 year prison sentence in Iran for his Christian faith.

Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Director of the Washington, D.C. Based Christian Defense Coalition and founder of the #orangejumpsuit campaign, states;

“When the Obama Administration negotiated the Iranian nuclear deal, they tragically failed to secure the release of Pastor Saeed and three other American citizens imprisoned in that country. While Congress and the American public debate the merits of this agreement with Iran, there is no debate that President Obama failed to stand for religious freedom and human rights by leaving Pastor Saeed to be brutalized every day for his Christian faith.

“We encourage President Obama and Secretary Kerry to embrace the universal principles of freedom of religion and speech and secure the immediate release of Pastor Saeed. We would also encourage the members of Congress not to support any deal with Iran while an American pastor is being brutalized in that country for his Christian faith.

“Sadly, President Obama missed an historic teaching moment when his Administration sat face to face with Iranian officials for the first time in over 30 years and failed to negotiate the release of Pastor Saeed. What a powerful message would have been delivered to the Iranian government concerning religious freedom and human rights, if the President made it clear that no nuclear deal would move forward while an American pastor was being persecuted for his faith.”

#orangejumpsuit also wants to remind President Obama that while he enjoys a beautiful family vacation with the First Lady and their two children, Pastor Saeed is being brutalized in a harsh prison cell separated from his wife and two children.

Ebola Outbreak Underscored Crisis Communications Vulnerabilities In Many Faith-based Organizations Face Today

CHARLOTTE, Aug. 12, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — One year ago a potentially catastrophic medical challenge and resultant media tsunami nearly overwhelmed international mission agency SIM, which operated a hospital in Liberia’s Ebola hot zone. What happened to SIM could happen to any organization that doesn’t have the capacity or experience to handle a media deluge, according to InChrist Communications (, the faith-based communications firm that supported SIM with crisis communications services throughout the ordeal.
Photo:  InChrist Communications’ free checklist helps ministries assess preparedness.
“SIM is a very capable and seasoned mission organization, but this was too big for them to handle alone,” said Palmer Holt, ICC founder and president. “Fortunately we came together quickly as a team and were able to handle successfully months of media interest and scrutiny.”
Worldwide attention focused initially on SIM’s ELWA Hospital in Monrovia, which served more than half of Liberia’s Ebola patients while continuing to operate as a full-service healthcare facility. When Americans serving there became infected and sought treatment in the U.S., media interest escalated even more.
News spikes and media inquiries continued throughout the fall. Fortunately, the story ended well for SIM. Both of its missionaries who contracted Ebola survived. And during a six-month period, SIM garnered more than 30,000 media mentions, with an equivalent ad value of more than $300 million. Time magazine featured SIM doctor Jerry Brown on the cover of its “2014 Persons of the Year, The Ebola Fighters” issue.
How can organizations prepare for an Ebola-type challenge?
“Natural disasters, workplace violence, moral failures, the unexpected death of a key leader and political backlash represent just a few of the potential crisis communications challenges organizations face,” said Holt. “Every entity needs a crisis management team in place and a plan that’s vetted with outside professionals, updated regularly and practiced annually.”
Organizations can pay a high price when they don’t prepare. If they mishandled their own brand, messaging and the crisis itself, the result could be a loss of donors, partners, employees and the confidence of the body of Christ in general.
“Within a couple of days in late July 2014 we realized the Ebola crisis was going to overwhelm our lack of capacity and expertise to handle global media, aspects of crisis management and public affairs,” said SIM USA President Bruce Johnson. “One of the best things we did was contact Palmer Holt and engage InChrist Communications as our partner to help manage the Ebola crisis.”
“Palmer and his team immediately provided us decades of experience, editorial services, public affairs knowledge, international media distribution, communications coaching, public safety and crisis management know-how.”
InChrist Communications specializes in crisis communications planning and management and has developed a Crisis Communications Checklist to help organizations determine their level of preparedness.
“The first step in crisis communications planning is doing a thorough self-audit,” said Holt. “If you don’t have a team and plan in place, put one together as soon as possible. It’s not a question of if a crisis is going to hit, but when. If you do have a team and plan, get an objective, qualified, outside organization to review them and make sure they are sound. It’s the best money you’ll ever spend.”
InChrist Communications ( is a national, full-service communications agency primarily serving faith-based organizations, churches and businesses. 

By Faith with Frank Shelton: Episode 10

In episode ten of his show By Faith, my friend Frank Shelton teaches on the importance of extending an invitation.


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