The Story of a Grandfather’s Pride


Back when I was in junior high our school had what they called the victory flag. It flew in front of the school only when somebody (usually a sports team) won something against another school. There came a day when I was in a speech contest against two other nearby schools, and I won. My teacher/coach brought me back to school just in time to hear the principal say over the P.A.system, ” The victory flag is flying !” The whole school  started clapping and cheering. It was an amazing feeling, and I  thought I could never feel prouder.

Until today, today I am a grandfather and my oldest grandson is the one in junior high. Today he was in a drama tournament. The first time he has ever competed in anything with other schools. He entered five events, and reached the semi-finals in two. Not bad for  a sixth grader on his first time out. He did not win the top prize today. However has many reason to be proud of what he accomplished today. If he has reason to be proud, then I as his grandfather also have reason to be proud.

He should be proud that he had the courage to try. Many people much older than him would not perform in front of people like he did in five different ways today. There’s even less of  a chance that they would do so in a competitive environment that involved hundreds of other students.

He should be proud that as young as he is, he has discovered that he has a talent that makes him happy, and through that talent he is able to bring happiness to other people

He should be proud that he has the initiative, and the confidence at such a young age to put his talents and abilities to the test against so many others.

He should be proud that he can start his day at 7am and keep himself going until 6pm. That would be  along day for any of us !

He should be proud that he made the semi-finals in two of his five events on his first time out. Many of his fellow competitors did not. Some of them likely had more experience than he does in and out of competition.

He should be proud for not taking the easy way out. Entering five completely different events, not just one. This of course required five times the commitment, and five times the practice.

He was of course disappointed that he didn’t win. But he will realize among other things that the fact he is not satisfied with doing well, but desires to be the best is yet another thing to be proud of. I am proud of him for all of these reasons.  There will always be other competitions. With time, and patience, and the burning desire I know him to have, the wins will come. With pride  I look forward to sharing Devin Morrison with the world.




About Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield

Bi-vocational minister who is Founder and Editor of FaithInspires.Org As seen in Google News, SelfGrowth.Com, etc.

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  1. A proud Mimi here as well…what a loveing tribute to our oldest grandson D-Money!

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