Katy Pastor Reacts to This Week’s Tragedies

The following Commentary on this week’s tragedies is authored by Pastor Jeremiah Hill. Hill is pastor of Journey Church here in Katy. He, his family, and church have been loyal supporters of this ministry for some time. His remarks, are published here with his permission.

By Jeremiah Hill, Pastor Journey Church Katy, Texas USA

This week our country has been gripped by several unnecessary, and unacceptable tragedies. It should go without saying that we should always be moved to finding positive solutions for problems… but it seems with each passing major incident our countries resolve is paralyzed. I have watched this week as the events have broken relationships and created wedges between friends, families and sadly even churches.

I have been blessed since becoming Pastor of Journey Church to see our congregation grow multicultural, as well as our staff and leadership teams. Black, Hispanic and white all united for one goal… to be the body of Christ… and to show the world what the body of Christ should look like. So it should go without saying that we love everyone at Journey Church.

As I thought more about the recent events the following came to mind:

When God formed the first man, Adam, I have this picture of God kneeling over the dirt that He just created. And as He knelt, he pressed His hands into the dirt and began to form Adam… and He said that He created Adam in His image and that it was good. In Psalm’s it tell us that God formed all of us in our mother’s wombs, down to knitting our inner parts together. That means the same hands of God that reached into the ground to form Adam… are the same hands that made each and every one of us.

What we see on display today is NOT God’s image.
Abuse of power is not the character of God.
Rejection of authority is not the character of God.
Hatred is not the character of God.
Racism is not the character of God.

From the moment Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the garden… sin came rushing onto this earth. And it’s one job was to take captive every person that is not willing to take the very thought of sin captive. Every single one of those characteristics I just mentioned are a direct reflection of our sin nature… the very nature that is a polar opposite of the very image God created us in.

We pray for peace on this earth. We pray for wars to end. We pray for racism to end. But peace will NEVER happen in our lives, when sin is the ruler. And in this world, it is much of the same. What we have witnessed displayed over the course of this week is a reflection of the display of sin on this earth that has been building for 1000’s of years.

This display of sin comes in many forms. But as of late the primary display has been a hatred in our hearts for our neighbors… and we have used things like race, sex, gender and class to promote further hatred.

Scriptures are also clear, you can not love God who you have not seen… and hate your brother who you can see. We have departed from the very basic of moral standard that God laid out… “love your neighbor as yourself.”

There is no greater commandment than that!

We were all formed in Gods image… and if you chose to follow Him, obey His Word and keep His standards… you will remain in His image. But to remain in His image… takes work. Scriptures say that we are to work out our salvation with “fear and trembling.” That means on a daily basis. The last time hatred or disgust rose up in your heart for another person, did it make you tremble in fear… because you had departed from God’s standard?

We need to take a step back and realize that what we see on display today is a direct form of Godlessness. Scriptures are clear in the end days there will be more of this. But if we truly want peace… it begins with us turning back to the very one…God… who created us.

Every person who will read this post has at least one thing in their life right now, big or small, that is in direct conflict what who God created you to be. Turn back to God and to His standard… and watch how quickly grace can cover a multitude of sins.


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