BOOK REVIEW:The Firefighter’s Refrain

If I count correctly this is Loree’s 107th published book. Her books have sold a total of over 6 million copies. So as you can imagine there was great excitement as May 1st, and her newest effort for Harlequin grew near.

The book is described as follows,

He’s a man who wants it all…if only he could have it….

Dreams of stardom took musician and firefighter Sam Marshall far from his Colorado roots. Starting fresh in Nashville hasn’t been easy, especially after an injury on the job, but he’s working his way to the Grand Ole Opry one open mike at a time, teaching at the fire station to make ends meet. Yet Sam’s intentions are shaken when he meets the lovely owner of a local café. Suddenly, Sam’s dreams are filled with her. Too bad that as the daughter of country-music wannabes, Finn Leary’s been there, done that. She’ll never choose a musician. So how can Sam possibly get the girl and keep the guitar?“

Fans of Lough’s work will not be disappointed in this book. If this is the first of her books a reader has come across, I  doubt it will be their last. Lough is known for putting a lot of research into her books, and developing her characters. Sam and Finn are no exception. By the time you finish this book you won’t think of them and their supporting cast as fictional characters, but as friends.

It what has also become familiar to her readers Firefighter’s Refrain is far from predictable. The plot of the story is very full, and contains a great amount of detail. Whenever I read one of her books ( and I have read several others)  I invariably end up later at night than planned because I can’t help but read “just one more chapter.” Those who remember From Ashes to Honor, and the other two books of her First Responders Series, will definitely want to check out this book as well. Loree has a great love and respect for all first responders, and it shows in the stories she creates about them. She works to make them each a tribute to the real life heroes they are based on.

She is also familiar with the music side of this plot. Years ago, before becoming an author she was a touring musician. She sang and played the guitar. So her fellow musicians, and other music lovers are also likely to find an air of authenticity in this book that they don’t see in a lot of others. Here too she describes a world she knows well !

It takes a talented story teller to be able to fill 368 pages like this book does. However Lough fans have nothing to fear from her, or this book ! The Firefighters Refrain is now available from your favorite online or brick and mortar book merchant.


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