Conservative and Pro-Life Groups Denounce Planned Parenthood Violence

( Katy, Texas) Today a gunman held police at bay for several hours at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs. At the end at least 3 people including one police officer, and two civilians were killed. up to nine more were injured.  Five of the injured are also police officers. All of the injured are now said to be in good condition. While the incident was still unfolding the Conservative, and Pro-Life communities were already condemning what was taking place.

Among the first were Operation Rescue, and Christian Defense Coalition. Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue released the following statement, “Operation Rescue unequivocally deplores and denounces all violence at abortion clinics and has a long history of working through peaceful channels to advocate on behalf of women and their babies. We express deep concern for everyone involved and are praying for the safety of those at the Planned Parenthood office and for law enforcement personnel. We pray this tragic situation can be quickly resolved without further injury to anyone,” He was joined by Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney who serves as Director of the Washington D.C. based Christian Defense Coalition. Mahoney framed his groups reaction this way, “Although we don’t know the reasons for the shooting near the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs today, the pro-life movement is praying for the safety of all involved and as a movement we have always unequivocally condemned all forms of violence at abortion clinics. We must continually as a nation stand against violence on all levels,”

Later in the day the Family Research Council also based in Washington D. C. joined in condemning the shooting. The group’s President Tony Perkins stated the group’s view of today’s events in the following statement,

“While the investigation into the shooting at the Planned Parenthood center continues, regardless of what the motive is determined to be, we strongly condemn this violence. As the target of domestic terrorism inspired by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the staff of the Family Research Council empathize with all the victims of this violence. All of us at the Family Research Council join with the pro-life movement in praying for the injured officers and victims of these deplorable acts.

“Only through peaceful means –not violence— can we truly become a nation that once again values all human life, born and unborn,” concluded Perkins.

After these statements were made the gunman was identified as Robert Lewis Dear. No information on his motive has yet been released. Even without knowing his motive, we at FaithInspire.Org condemn his actions in the strongest possible terms. Such violence is not how we as Christians should solve our disputes. There will be an ongoing need for prayer stemming from this tragedy. We should and shall encourage all our followers and supporters to make sure that the people, families, and police officers impacted by this tragedy remain in our prayers.


About Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield

Bi-vocational minister who is Founder and Editor of FaithInspires.Org As seen in Google News, SelfGrowth.Com, etc.

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