University Proposes to Buy Public Sidewalk to Stop Anti-Abortion Free Speech

School calls for “Safe Zones” to protect students from being “unhappy”

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov. 13, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — First students at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio tried knocking over our signs. Then one student recruited a “bed sheet brigade” to try to cover our pictures of abortion victims. Another stood in the street in front of our Truth Truck and JumboTV trailer to stop it from reaching the campus. Now, when all else has failed, Otterbein is going to even greater lengths to censor our First Amendment rights.

Otterbein360, the campus newspaper, reports the student government of the liberal arts university is considering a proposal to purchase the public sidewalk where we conduct outreach to stop our free speech.

Video: Watch report from the sidewalk Otterbein University wants to buy

“Yale, University of Missouri, and now Otterbein reveal an epidemic on our campuses of adults being treated like babies who need to be coddled and sheltered from difficult subjects. These students are our future leaders and decision-makers. It is imperative they be exposed to differing viewpoints. Political correctness has run amok. Created Equal will not stop expressing our God given rights to free speech.” — Mark Harrington, National Director, Created Equal

Preferring censorship to robust debate, this vocal minority is indicative of a generation not only too weak to deal with inconvenient truths but also too willing to punish whistleblowers . . . Our campuses are turning into a nightmare from Neverland—with children who “won’t grow up” habitually playing the victim card—rather than centers of vigorous discourse. . . . Peter Pan’s incessant “I won’t grow up” mantra may make for pleasant entertainment for our kids, but it is nothing less than horrifying when it becomes the drumbeat of those aspiring to be adults.

  • Click here to read the rest of our blog commentary “We won’t grow up!” about the development at Otterbein.
  • Click here to watch video of our interaction with the leader of Otterbein’s “bed sheet brigade.”
  • See photos of our outreach on the sidewalk the school may purchase: September and October.

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