Digital Bible Society – Spreading the Word of God in Every Language…with the Speed of Digital

HOUSTON, Feb. 18, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — Digital Bible Society doesn’t plan to stop until the whole world knows — sharing the good news, that is.

Photo: Founder Ken Bitgood

Ken Bitgood, the CEO and founder of Digital Bible Society, and his team have a vision for every person in the world to have the word of God in their hearts and in mobile devices of their choice before the year 2020.

With headquarters in Conroe, Texas, (30 miles north of Houston), DBS is a clearinghouse for digital resources for missionaries and mission organizations, pastors and churches, and individuals who are seeking to distribute Christian, biblical content in different languages, using tiny chips called a Micro SD chip.

“DBS is a Bible society for the 21st century,” said Carl Dobrowolski, DBS director for publisher relations & rights, based in Brooklyn, N.Y.

“Very few are doing what DBS is doing, and that is distributing biblical resources for our brothers and sisters in closed countries and where the Word of God has not been given full course.”

Along with DBS, other missions-minded ministries make up a Digital Bible Alliance who have freely committed to giving material in numerous languages to the libraries of DBS, such as Bible League of Canada, Open Doors International and The Voice of the Martyrs.

With proper compression, DBS can add not only dozens of Bibles and reference books, but hundreds of hours of video and thousands of hours of audio to a single chip, according to Ken Bitgood.

“Ken is the Christian Steve Jobs,” Dobrowolski said. “He has the same mesmerizing ability, but not to bring attention to himself, but to marshal the distribution of digital content for the good of the church and to glory of God. He, along with DBS, is a leader in the exciting digital frontier.”

DBS distributes thousands of high-quality packages to missionaries working in countries that are closed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It also is successfully leveraging the power of digital to provide multiple translations and biblical resources, including the New International Version® (NIV®), on its website and will deliver DBS branded Bible apps, opening up an additional channel to further its mission.

“Our team strives together to make digital libraries available for those who otherwise would never have a Bible in their own language,” Bitgood said.

In many closed-access countries, Christians are tortured, imprisoned and murdered.

“Possessing a Bible, saying the words God or Jesus and meeting together are all offenses punishable by death,” Bitgood said. “Missionaries are encouraged to pass on packages to anyone they know working with the people group in the region. The interesting thing about this chip is that it is not only easy to carry, but that it has the capacity to hold more than 50 times more material than a CD disk.”

Since January 2013, DBS has assisted in the creation and distribution of hundreds of millions of digital Bible and Christian resources in over 450,000 digital libraries that can be copied.

“These digital libraries have been delivered to those who need them most and many of them are being copied at a rate that only Heaven knows,” Bitgood said.

With the new headquarters planning a grand opening in March, Bitgood’s vision is becoming even more real.

“I’m ready to let everyone know we’re here,” Bitgood said.

To learn more about Digital Bible Society, visit


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