Jet Pilot’s Adrenaline Fueled Lifestyle Produces ‘Prayer at Full Throttle’ — Author Tells Americans to ‘Go for it’

Robert Bakke’s new book now 25-straight weeks Amazon Best Seller

Robert Bakke’s new book now 25-straight weeks Amazon Best Seller

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn., Jan. 27, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — According to Robert Bakke, “Living with less is NOT the new normal in America and people need to start pushing back.” Bakke is a jet captain, a black belt, a NASCAR driver and author of Amazon’s best-selling book, “Prayer at Full Throttle” which may have set a self-publishing world record by achieving “global” television publicity a mere 4.5 months from the day he launched it from his living room.  The American Dream is most definitely alive and well, and Bakke is looking for interviews to help point America back toward God and prosperity.

According to Bakke, people need to be careful not to lower the bar and begin thinking in smaller terms. “It’s baloney,” says Bakke, who adds, “This is America. We are a God-blessed nation, and my God doesn’t think in terms of ‘small and lack’ and neither should you. It’s time we put America and success back on the radar. If you have a dream, go for it.” Once people read his new book “Prayer at Full Throttle” they will definitely have the courage.

Setting the bar so high wasn’t always the case for Bakke. But then one day in college he picked up a New Testament and starting reading it. “I couldn’t understand why they didn’t teach this stuff in church,” says Bakke, who continues, “It was the most powerful information I had ever laid my eyes on. My life today is the direct result of what I read in that book. I’m not talking about religion, at all. I’m saying that when a person learns to put God directly into the equation they can accomplish anything, especially when they are living in the greatest country on earth. America.”

Prayer at Full Throttle is available at in paperback and e-book.  Bakke is available for interviews at or 612-812-6174

About Robert Bakke
Robert Bakke is a jet captain and aerobatic flight instructor, a black belt and regional champion, a best-selling author, a race car driver, and a ski instructor. He was running a multi-million dollar company by the age of 24. After shattering numerous sales records, Robert eventually said good-bye to his business career and moved on to captain jet aircraft and teach the “performance” of God’s Word. Robert received his certificate of ordination as a minister of the Gospel on April 15, 2012.


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Bi-vocational minister who is Founder and Editor of FaithInspires.Org As seen in Google News, SelfGrowth.Com, etc.

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