Benjamin Altschul, Great Among The Nations’ Pastor Finds ‘An Ear for Revival’ in Denmark During Five Local Events as He Ministers in His Danish Homeland

Hosted by First International Baptist Church and Bethel Worlds Mission Church, hosting Pastors Gilbert Rukundo and Anon Kijana reported the abundant blessings their congregations received from Pastor Altschul’s ministry.  “I feel strength by being around Pastor Altschul, and when he prayed with our people; we saw a move of God in form of healing miracles and touches by the presence of the Lord.”

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Nov. 19, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ — As Pastor Benjamin Altschul taught from the book of Revelations, chapter 2:29, “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches;” miracles took place.

Pastor Gilbert Rukundo of First International Baptist Church testified, “I saw the steps as Pastor Altschul ministered to a woman plagued with chronic lower back pain for seven years. She explained that she could not lift anything over a few kilos because she had lost the strength of her back and arms. As Pastor Altschul prayed with her, she first received a fiery heat in the lower back, then she felt the same heat all over her head and ears, then she felt heat on both legs, and all at once the pain was gone! This woman began bending to the floor half weeping with joy and clapping and running back and forth across the church wall to wall. She was so happy that she ran demonstrating her renewed physical strength, we were all overjoyed along with her.”

According to Pastor Altschul, “God repaired her spine, but more than her spine, God healed many things in this dear sister here today.”

For further information about Pastor Altschul and his ministry, Great Among The Nations, please visit their website


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