Do I Know You ?

By Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield

I have been lucky enough down through the years to meet many famous people. I have met Medal of Honor winners. famous athletes, powerful politicians etc. I always find it funny that people who on an average day that wouldn’t pay me any notice come up to me on such occasions. When they do they say things like “Robert, old friend, why don’t you introduce us? “ Actually I like introducing my friends to each other. I enjoy seeing the things they do for each other, and watching their relationship deepen. But with these people all I can think is what opportunistic fakes ! It makes me want to get them away from me, and my other friends as fast as possible.

Think about this in terms of when we get to Heaven. Is it hard to imagine that Christ would look forward to introducing his friends to his father when they arrive ? Of course not. If we are proud of our friends, we should want to introduce them to our family. Why should Christ be any different.
Now look at Mathew 10:33. “ But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.” ( KJV) Which would you rather hear Jesus say when you get to Heaven, “Dad, this is the guy I have been telling you about !” or “Sorry, do I know you ?” A relationship with a famous or powerful person is something to be proud of. Why then would we keep quiet a relationship with the son of God himself ?

The time to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior is now, not when you arrive at the Pearly Gates. The time to develop your relationship with Christ is now, while he can still help you with the struggles so common in this world. Even more you should be proud to introduce your friend Jesus to your friends so they can benefit from a relationship with him just as you have. Part of why we introduce our friends to each other is the satisfaction of seeing them help each other. Why then would we hold back the most powerful friend we know ?

You should talk of Jesus, and what he has done for you often. You should help him make new friends. As a true friend you should want Jesus to be as popular as possible. To be the kind of friend is is only around when they need something is the sincerest kind of fakery ! Your love of Jesus, and gratitude for what he has done for you should well up inside you until you simply can’t keep quiet. So be a true friend, not a fake !


About Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield

Bi-vocational minister who is Founder and Editor of FaithInspires.Org As seen in Google News, SelfGrowth.Com, etc.

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