Salvation is so much more than being able to check a box on a form. Its not about being able to say “I love Jesus, of course I’m saved.” Salvation in its true sincere form is a transformational experience. Your life will be changed forever and these changes have a purpose. Salvation is the first step in preparing you for the future God has always intended for you. In this respect salvation is not entirely an individual event. Salvation is a first step in preparation for service to God and the people around you. God works through his people, so if you are unable or unwilling to allow God to work through you then you are not the only one who suffers. The salvation experience should open your heart and mind to of your acceptance of God working in you, and through you. Salvation occurs through the grace of God, by way of your acknowledgment that Christ died for you on the cross. There is now way to earn your way into Heaven. But as you are saved and after you and everyone else should see dramatic changes in how you face the world. Changes that come from being immersed in the Holy Spirit and God’s word !

Our behavior is the most obvious sign of our spiritual condition. Salvation is not a blank check ! Being saved, and under God’s grace does not mean we can do anything we want because God forgave our sins. Paul makes this point to the Christians in Corinth when he says “ “Everything is permitted, but everything isn’t beneficial. Everything is permitted, but everything doesn’t build others up. No one should look out for their own advantage, but they should look out for each other.” 1 Corinthians 9:23-24 (CEB)

Does anybody not believe that God could safe every person one Earth with a snap of his fingers ? Of course he could. But this would not be the point. Don’t you think that God could force us to follow his way if he wanted to. Of course he could ! But this would miss the point. God wants thinking willing followers not an army of brainless robots. For salvation to do what it is meant to do we must willingly accept Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross. For God’s Word to do what it is supposed to do we must voluntarily follow the understanding of it the Holy Spirit gives us.

Anything less is a “junk food” kind of salvation. Junk food may taste good, its convenient, and it fills you up or at least makes you feel full. Junk Food can also be expensive, and over time lead to obesity, heart problems etc. A junk food salvation works the same way. We may say we are a Christian. We may even go to church, read Christian magazines etc. But like with junk food, if we do not allow salvation to open our minds and hearts to the Holy Spirit then our salvation is only a convenient but dangerous substitute for the real thing. If we do not allow God to enter our lives and make dramatic life changes to our world, then we are in reality not saved at all. So pray that your hear and mind will be opened to that which God has reserved for you. Commit yourself to not only reading God’s word, but integrating it into your daily life. Not only will you reap the rewards, but so will the world around you.


About Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield

Bi-vocational minister who is Founder and Editor of FaithInspires.Org As seen in Google News, SelfGrowth.Com, ChristianHeadlines.com etc.

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