2014 New Legislation; Baptist Pastor Intoxicated Child Victim with Church Communion Wine Before Committing Clergy Sexual Abuse

Illinois Law Passed After Adult Survivor Chicago Motivational Speaker Tiffany Denmark Testified Before Congress

Contact: Mrs. McMillian, 312-914-6605

CHICAGO, Ill., Jan. 8, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ — Tiffany Denmark is a Chicago adult clergy child sex abuse survivor who testified before The Senate and The House of Representatives compelling the legislature to pass House Bill 1063 which eliminates the criminal statute of limitations on child sexual abuse in the State of Illinois. Victims now have the opportunity to initiate legal action at any time without regard to their current age effective January 1, 2014. The civil statute of limitations was eliminated with Senate Bill 1399 which went into effect in 2013.

She was inspired to share her story of abuse after an adult immigrant victim confided in her revealing that she bore a child with a pastor when she was only twelve years old, but due to a fear of deportation her family never reported the crime.

The sheriff of Cook County stated that adults who were child victims of sexual assault could have received justice in the case where several rape kits were recently discovered sitting untested in the Robbins, Illinois police evidence room for nearly twenty years if HB-1063 had previously been in effect, but the statute of limitations has since expired, now the criminals who were matched to the DNA

crime database cannot be prosecuted.

Tiffany Denmark shares her story in the new book ‘PRETTY EYES PASTOR’ describing the life altering effects resulting from acts committed by a married Baptist pastor using church communion wine to intoxicate his young victim before committing clergy sexual abuse when she became intrigued with the beautiful color of his pretty eyes. The Baptist church political hierarchy concealed the clergy sexual misconduct and coerced the victim into remaining silent until the statute of limitations for reporting abuse expired while the abuser continued serving in a pastoral position to ensure his congregation remained financially intact in order to repay a million dollar church expansion loan.

Now available in eBook format and paperback from J IRWIN PRESS; eBook ISBN: 0991163419 PAPERBACK ISBN: 978-0991163410

Chicago author Tiffany Denmark is a member of the RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network) Speakers Bureau


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