Moms Day of Prayer Recruiting Team for 2014

FORT SMITH, Ark., Oct. 15, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — Worldwide Mom’s Day of Prayer (MDOP) founder Kathy Colman announced today (October 15) the organization is launching an aggressive campaign to schedule Moms Day of Prayer events in every state in the U.S. and every country around the world on Saturday, January 18, 2014.

Mrs. Coleman began the MDOP movement to encourage mothers in her church and community to pray together for their leaders, families and children. Her new campaign challenges women to host MDOP in homes, churches, on Facebook pages, on Twitter, at a Community Center, at a park, etc. on the same day. Her MDOP Vision for 2014 “is that the world will have moms, stepmoms, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and great grandmothers praying across the world on January 18. God is excited WHEREVER they host it!”

She and her staff have laid out a three-year plan to focus on every state in the U.S.A. They have divided the U.S. map into three sections. They plan to take a MDOP team to the South section in 2014, to the Northeast Section in 2015 and the Northwest Section in 2016. In 2017, they plan to travel to a location outside of the USA. “We have a giant map in our office to show where MDOP’14 events will be held. We want to mark every U.S. state and every country around the world as being covered in prayer that day.”

Kathy will join the MDOP team in Gonzales, LA, on January 18, 2014. She chose the small, rural southern town based on results of past MDOP dates. “We are excited to spend time with a very special group of MDOP prayer warriors and their persevering leader, Renee Hymel. I want to share an incredible testimony from Renee that came out of the MDOP 2013 she hosted: ‘We stood with a grandmother for her grandson who was near death from drug abuse. THREE DAYS later he called asking for help and has since gotten clean, saved and is serving God.’ These are the kind of ladies I love spending time with.”

Now in its 17th year, MDOP events have been held in multiple states and foreign countries. As for the vision to have women in every country praying on the same day, Kathy says, “People ask, ‘Do you REALLY think this is possible?’ And my first thought is, ‘With God ALL things are possible!’ I trust Him whatever the outcome.”


About Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield

Bi-vocational minister who is Founder and Editor of FaithInspires.Org As seen in Google News, SelfGrowth.Com, etc.

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