Kingdom Racing Enjoys Houston Homecoming

Kingdom Racing Houston Homecoming


Houston, TX– After a five year hiatus, the return of the Grand Prix of Houston was truly an answered prayer for Kingdom Racing. Houston is home turf for Kingdom Racing, and since the race was placed on the schedule last year, the entire team has been in preparation for the event.

Houston did not disappoint. Planning and candidate identification for the Miles of Smiles ministry started early this year. In the meantime, a young mother heard about the ministry on KSBJ radio in Houston during team member Alan Litvak’s interview and was interested in purchasing VIP ticket packages for a discount or installment basis. She had hopes of bringing her special needs family to the track to see God in action.

It would have been easy to simply say that there weren’t any discounts or suggest she just buy tickets to the race, but there was no mistake in her timely message. It was the right family at the right time.


The family, with two children of their own and four adopted orphans from Africa, varies in ages from 8 to 22. It quickly became apparent that they were the perfect fit to be our Miles of Smiles guests at Houston. Though the father was unable to attend, the mother joined the team on Friday along with three of the adopted children. They were a great match since she wanted to show her children a practical application of Christianity.


The day flew by, and the kids had an incredible time at the track. They met Simon Pagenaud, Tristan Vautier, Sam Schmidt, and the entire Kingdom Racing team. They received custom gift bags and departed with huge smiles on their faces.  Just like all Miles of Smiles families, a new relationship had begun. In fact, team members are already hard at work on laying the foundation for a partnership with them and their church.


Earlier in the week, Davey Hamilton and George del Canto were honored speakers at the Houston Gathering of Men luncheon at Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church. As a result, new potential partners joined Kingdom Racing. The Lord is blessing the mission in unimaginable ways.


Another young lady was hosted as part of the Miles of Smiles program on Sunday. After suffering a traumatic injury just three years ago, she has since developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, a debilitating disease which effectively causes the entire body to be in constant agony. As born-again Christian, she gave a wonderful testimony of how her faith helps her not only get through each challenging day but enables her to help others through her personal awareness blog.


With every VIP guest hosted through Miles of Smiles, Kingdom Racing grows in size, in reach, in awareness, in faith, and most importantly, in glory to God. He has provided Kingdom Racing with a wonderful platform to praise His Holy Name.


The final track event of the 2013 season is Saturday night, October 19 at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. After finishing 4th and 6th in the doubleheader races in Houston, Simon Pagenaud remains 3rd in the season championship standings with the possibility of climbing into second place. Tune in Saturday night at 8:00pm ET on NBC Sports to catch all the action. As always, Kingdom Racing will be hosting more Miles of Smiles guests and proclaiming the name of Christ.


About Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield

Bi-vocational minister who is Founder and Editor of FaithInspires.Org As seen in Google News, SelfGrowth.Com, etc.

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