House Armed Services Approval of Religious Freedom Amendment Addresses Growing Religious Hostility toward Service Members

United States House Committee on Armed Services

United States House Committee on Armed Services (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

D.C. – Yesterday, on a 33-26 vote, the House Armed Services committee
approved a religious freedom amendment to the National Defense
Authorization Act
(NDAA). The amendment, authored by U.S. Rep. John
Fleming (R-LA) protects the right of service members not only to hold
religious beliefs but to act on them and freely practice those beliefs.

committee adopted the amendment to address the growing religious
hostility within the military. On April 23, religious liberty concerns
were heightened even further after anti-Christian activist Mikey
Weinstein met with senior Air Force officials at the Pentagon and
pressed for the court-martialing of Christian service members who share
their faith.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement:

commend the House Armed Services Committee for taking decisive action
to protect the right of service members to freely practice and express
their faith. Congress acted appropriately after investigating numerous
incidents involving service members who have had their careers
threatened simply for practicing their faith in a real and tangible way.
The religious liberty violations have grown more frequent in recent
months including a report yesterday that an Army master sergeant has
been reprimanded for serving Chick-fil-A sandwiches at his promotion
ceremony. A rear admiral also recently recounted how he defied military
regulations by giving a Bible to a soldier who had attempted suicide.

than 167,000 Americans have signed our petition calling on Defense
Hagel to enact a DOD-wide policy protecting the right of
service members to practice their faith. Secretary Hagel has not
adequately responded to the concerns of service members, the public, and
Congress. Instead, the Pentagon under the secretary’s leadership has
continued to comply with the demands of anti-Christian activist Mikey
Weinstein. The chilling effect of this religious suppression has
reached every branch of the military, particularly the Air Force which
is why this congressional action is so urgently needed,” concluded


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  1. …Hagel is a wimp…we will stand tall … We will assume our battle position…GOD will NOT BE MOCKED ! HOOAHH !!

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