New Book by Worldwide Ministry Leader Offers Wisdom-Rich ‘Seminar’ for Church Vitality


DALLAS/FT. WORTH, March 4, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — In a truly healthy church, what one “principal qualification” of its leaders proves absolutely vital — yet is most often overlooked? Friendliness, perhaps? A vibrant personality? Or even people skills?

“While all prove beneficial,” attests world-renowned pastor, author and evangelist Dag Heward-Mills, “the sometimes surprising, yet critical component is loyalty” — that permeating attitude of faithfulness and authenticity which stands as “the very foundation of discipleship.”

In fact, in his newest book and first book published in the U.S., aptly titled Loyalty and Disloyalty (February 2013, Carpenter’s Son Publishing), Heward-Mills passionately shares how understanding the dynamics of these potent heart-attitudes can lead to a successful ministry of saving souls for Christ — bringing tremendous spiritual health and growth — or, in contrast, lead to strife, derision, a spirit of contempt and even ministry collapse.

“The Lord has laid on my heart the relevance and profound importance of this subject,” Heward-Mills explains. “First, the Scriptures are replete with detailed accounts of faithful and treacherous people.” Everyone can and should learn from them, he says.

“Secondly, my twenty years in the ministry have brought me face to face with loyal and disloyal people.” He then shares how he has seen both the positive impact and destructive power they have brought to churches and ministries. And that’s why, he explains, pastors cannot underestimate the importance of this teaching.

Indeed, Heward-Mills essentially brings every pastor a convenient “leadership seminar in a book,” offering eye-opening examples from Scripture, wisdom born from decades of leading a multi-faceted ministry, forthright discussion and practical tools in each chapter to help leaders formulate a personal “action plan.”

Throughout the twelve chapters, Heward-Mills candidly counsels readers to forge a proactive leadership by understanding the magnitude of these key principles:

  • Why loyalty is important
  • The five keys to shaping a culture of loyalty
  • How to recognize stages of disloyalty and the scores of disloyalty markers
  • How to determine if the statements leaders hear indicate disloyalty
  • How to be a truly loyal assistant
  • An insightful look at Judas’s betrayal of Christ
  • How leaders can avoid disloyalty in their own character
  • How to use a cleansing “north wind” to blow away divisive storms and attitudes within the church
  • How to see the good fruit of loyalty bless a ministry

As a convenient enrichment tool, Loyalty and Disloyalty provides the perfect springboard for leaders to proactively engage their ministry team in purposeful, God-centered dialogue — a wisdom-rich “seminar,” so to speak, with built-in flexibility for leaders to hold whenever and wherever they deem best.

Four more books in the Loyalty and Disloyalty series — all discussing the dynamics of healthy church growth — are scheduled to follow this first release.

As the author of 75 books distributed worldwide, Pastor Dag Heward-Mills also leads a worldwide ministry and presides as Bishop of Lighthouse Chapel International, with almost 1,300 churches spread across the globe in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Australia, including 63 churches in 24 U.S. states. Heward-Mills holds highly-successful evangelistic outreaches called the “Healing Jesus Crusades” throughout Africa and other emerging countries and leads a myriad of other endeavors, including a Medical Missions Team, Bible training centers, schools, a hospital and orphanage, church leader conferences, a host of media outlets including an on-line television site and more.

“Only through God’s undeserved grace can I share my passion to see His Church flourish,” Heward-Mills confides. “Through His guidance, I want to give other pastors a chance to get on board and experience the blessings that authentic loyalty can truly bring.”

Proclaiming the Gospel to millions for over 20 years, Dag Heward-Mills Ministry leads the Healing Jesus Evangelistic Campaigns, oversees Bible training centers, schools, a hospital, an orphanage, and hosts church leader conferences, to advance the saving power of Christ. Bishop Heward-Mills is founder and presides over Lighthouse Chapel International, an organization with more than 1300 churches in 60 countries, including 63 in the U.S.


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