Scientific Discovery Proves Genesis Accurate

ORLANDO, Jan. 8, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — In 2004 astronomers using NASA’s, Spitzer Space Telescope, probed the dusty disks that surround young stars to look for the earliest signs of the formation of planetary systems. What they found coincides with the brief description of planet formation as described in the book of Genesis regarding earth’s own formation.

According to the data scientist gathered from the disk surrounding the star system CoKu Tau 4 in the Taurus constellation, planets like the Earth are formed from leftover waste and debris from their central star. Planets form inside a proto-planetary disc, starting out in a formless and chaotic state in total darkness, which corresponds to what is stated at Genesis 1 verse 2. “Now the earth proved to be formless and waste.”

Their findings further revealed that as a planet matures inside its dusty cocoon it gradually sucks up all the dust between it and the sun. In the early stages of this process, only diffused light could reach the planet as it slowly emerged from complete darkness. This stage corresponds to the statement at Genesis 1 verse 3 for day one. “Let light come to be. Then there came to be light.”

Only in the later stages of this process would the direct light from the already existing sun, moon, and stars be visible from the earth as all the dust dissipates. These discoveries correspond to the description given at Genesis 1 verse 14 for day four. “Let luminaries come to be in the expanse of the heavens to make a division between the day and the night; and they must serve as signs and for seasons and for days and years.”

When you view NASA’s videos simulating this planet forming process and compare it to Genesis brief description of Earth’s formation, the Bible’s description of planet formation is compellingly accurate in view of the fact that the Hebrew word translated ‘day’ (yom) can mean various lengths of time, not just a 24 hour period.

The perception by many has been that the earth was created first, and the sun, moon, and stars, came later on day four. These discoveries by Sptizer bring clarity to this account showing that earth formed from dust and debris prior to day one, and light emerge slowly, some diffused light by day one, full light by day four, allowing the already existing sun, moon and stars to finally be visible from earth.

About Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield

Bi-vocational minister who is Founder and Editor of FaithInspires.Org As seen in Google News, SelfGrowth.Com, etc.

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