In His New Book, Bruce Sofia Addresses ‘Hope Beyond Suicide’

SEWELL, N.J., July 11, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Bruce Sofia, Founder and Senior Pastor of the Gloucester County Community Church, is pleased to announce the completion and arrival of his first book, “Hope Beyond Suicide.” This book is the first of four written by Dr. Sofia in the ”

English: United States Army Suicide Prevention...

English: United States Army Suicide Prevention Poster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

” series distributed by Yorkshire Publishing.

“Hope Beyond Suicide” is a book unlike many others written about this sensitive and often controversial subject. An easy read with practical application, the thread contained in its pages offers hope to the hurting portraying God’s love and compassion for each one of us. As suicide rates continue to increase throughout America, especially amongst our youth, military and minority communities, “Hope Beyond Suicide” offers hope and healing to a world swirling with confusion, doubt and despair.

This book was birthed from over three decades of experience helping families cope with the loss of a loved one due to suicide. The questions resulting from such a loss are many and often complex: Why? Where was God? Who is to blame? Could someone have done more? Will he or she go to heaven? Is there hope beyond suicide?

Recent reviews have this to say about Hope Beyond Suicide:

“I received your book and read it cover to cover… What a really enlightening book. We know that Hope Beyond Suicide will help many people find hope and healing.”

“I had a very dear friend of mine commit suicide a long time ago. It has plagued me for years. This book provides the closeness I’ve been yearning for… Although it is still difficult now and again to let God handle my issues, I feel a sense of ‘wholeness’ I’ve never felt in 27 years.”

In “Hope Beyond Suicide,” Bruce Sofia shares the comforting arms of a God whose grace is immeasurable. You will surely be encouraged by this uplifting text. To purchase a copy for yourself or someone you know, please go to or call 1-855-HJL-RSCU.


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