Delegates Enthusiastic About Congress’ Success

Delegates Enthusiastic About Congress’ Success

MADRID, Spain, May 26, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — More than 3,000 delegates from over 60 countries attended World Congress of Families VI in Madrid, on May 25-27, 2012.
Delegates were enthusiastic about the quality of the program and the caliber of speakers and gave a variety of reasons for attending the Congress.
Norma from Mexico, the author of two books on adoption in Mexico City said she wanted “to meet many people like us fighting for the family.”
“We have abortion and gay marriage in Mexico City. We need better organization and communication among pro-family activists and leaders.”
Bev from New Zealand said of the Congress, “I love it, it’s awesome. There was a fantastic exchange of ideas.” She said she was impressed by the knowledge and commitment of people to strengthen the family. “Mum and Dad are still the best team. I’ve been listening to people who have really studied these issues.” She said the response has not been emotional but intellectual.
“We need mothers to teach us how to be a woman. I’m overcome by the privileged of being with people who are fighting for the family.”
Raquel was born and raised in Barcelona but has lived in Dallas for the last twelve years. She received an email about the Congress from Ignacio Arsuaga from HazteOir. “I went to the website for World Congress of Families. Something told me I had to be there. It’s a golden opportunity for Spain to change course.” She said she’s most concerned about “the value of the mother at home. Some women feel that having children will disconnect them from society.” Raquel only decided to come to the Congress two weeks ago.
Jean from the south of France does public relations for the group droite de naitre (right to be born). He goes to pro-life meetings all over the world.
“Every place where there are leaders, so I can learn from the other organizations. It is important to find out what others know.” Regarding World Congress of Families he observed that he was surprised by the “high numbers of contacts” that he made at the Congress.
“Pro-life opens your eyes to other issues as well.” Besides abortion, he’s also concerned about euthanasia and embryonic research.
“Scientists separated sexuality from reproduction. When you are pro-life, you can’t separate things into compartments.”
Chris from New York operates the oldest and largest Crisis Pregnancy Center in New York City.
“I came because I’ve become increasingly interested in networking.” Chris said he’s “thrilled with the stellar quality of speakers” and pronounced the Spanish to English translation fairly good. He said that attending the Congress is an important investment that must be made by any pro-family activist, because the networking is indispensable. He was particularly impressed by such speakers as Alveda King of Priests for Life, Pat Fagan of Family Research Council, Piero Tocci of Alliance Defense Fund and Cardinal Enio Antonelli of the Pontificate Council for the Family.
Chris has been married for 25 years and has 4 children ages 16-24. Formerly in advertising he counseled over 125,000 women against abortion and has saved more than 40,000 from abortion. His mission is to give young people the vision to make pro-life, pro-family work their vocation.
These are just of few of thousands from six continents who attended the sixth World Congress of Families. World Congress of Families VII will be held in Sydney Australia in May of 2012. The Congress includes over 35 partners in more than a dozen countries.
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