Christians Called to Pursue Friendship with God and Unity with Each Other

Weighty book picks up where John MacArthur’s “Slave” left off, providing an in-depth foundation for recent Christian bestsellers “Crazy Love,” “Radical” and “Not a Fan.” Delving beyond the surface, the author emphasizes the heart of the matter — the bondservant identity of those who move on to become friends of God.

RAPID CITY, S.D., May 22, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Christian readers continue to demonstrate hunger for books that will help them in their walk with God. The top 100 Christian bestsellers show that recent (“Crazy Love,” “Radical,” “Not a Fan,” “Why Jesus?”), older (“Jesus Calling”), and classic (“Mere Christianity,” “The Pursuit of God”) books on relationship with and living wholeheartedly for God still capture the hearts and minds of Christians. In his debut title, “The Bondservant’s Life: Foundation for Understanding Prophecy, and a Call to Maturity, Love, and Unity in the Knowledge of God,” John Brenner Chandler defines the bondservant identity of believers seeking to establish an authentic faith and friendship with God.

Chandler takes a comprehensive look at how believers grow into this identity, answering such questions as:

  • How does a believer cultivate intimacy with God?
  • Does a believer need a seminary degree to understand the Bible?
  • How can the church have unity when doctrine and practice are so varied?

The overall content focuses on serving God out of love and loyalty as a bondservant, and emphasizes unity within the guidelines of scriptural standards. Chandler’s background in ministering in a variety of congregations (denominational, non-denominational, and Messianic) contributes to the broad perspective presented.

Providing insight on a variety of topics of interest to serious believers, the author does not shy away from controversial matters or difficult passages. Chandler encourages believers to be loyal to God’s truth over tradition. “Returning to biblical foundations requires examining our current practices and mindsets,” Chandler explained. “Maturity and unity are driven by God’s love, handling the Word with integrity, and a return to apostolic wisdom. Friendship with God flows out of the bondservant reality.”

The Midwest Book Review featured this title in their April 2012 Small Press Bookwatch, describing it as, “A powerful testimony of everlasting faith, and humility and resolve to serve Christ… highly recommended reading for devout Christians.”

Published by Doulos Books. Member CSPA, IBPA, and FaithWriters. “The Bondservant’s Life” is available from Spring Arbor/Ingram,, and For more information, visit


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