Helping Young and Old Navigate Storms of Grief and Loss

HUNTINGTON, Indiana, May 11, 2012 — When people are blindsided by devastation, they can become paralyzed by grief and feelings of grave loss.

A Missouri parish priest has written twin strategies for coping with grief and loss — one for adults, the other for children — that coach the broken-hearted and vulnerable through the toughest times in their lives. Because he had wrestled with his own unexplainable loss, Fr. Joe Kempf felt compelled to crystallize the help he knew people needed to survive.Both just released by Our Sunday Visitor, No One Cries the Wrong Way: Seeing God Through Tears (2012, paperback, 102 pp) and Sometimes Life Is Just Not Fair: Hope for Kids Through Grief and Loss (2012, hardback, 64 pp), Fr. Kempf’s books accomplish essentially the same thing for each age-group — they bolster the grieving following heartbreak and desolation, and show readers how to tap the invaluable support and love of God to find their way again.

No One Cries the Wrong Way clarifies the meaning of suffering for adults, typical reactions to grief and why they’re necessary, and strategies for relearning how to live in a vastly changed world. The book likewise helps readers ponder mortality, understand death as a “birth” into new life, and implement practical and spiritual transitions for both the griever and loved one. The book includes a prayer service for each chapter-topic, scriptural and other quotes for meditation, and concludes with a guided prayer for times of grief.

Children are the forgotten mourners, says Fr. Kempf. Because there are few grief-coping resources for them, Sometimes Life Is Just Not Fair meets struggling youngsters in their grief. It is a splendidly illustrated book, featuring Fr. Joe and his furry fictional friends, Big Al and Annie, which helps kids tackle tough issues, grapple with the question of suffering, and find renewed hope in the midst of anguish.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York says this about Fr. Kempf’s books: “Fr. Kempf, with grace and sensitivity, helps us learn what to say — and do — in moments when people long for a word of hope and consolation.”

View and download the press release here.

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