Michael Reagan Endorses Martha McSally

US Navy 021030-N-0967W-006 Michael Reagan chat...

US Navy 021030-N-0967W-006 Michael Reagan chats with PCU Ronald Reagan Sailors (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tucson, AZ – “Col. (Ret) Martha McSally represents the best of the Reagan conservative tradition. A Distinguished Graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, Col. McSally proved throughout her 26 years in uniform that she has the moral courage to stand up and take on challenges others would run from. In 2001, McSally put her career on the line to successfully overturn the Department of Defense rule requiring American servicewomen in Saudi Arabia to wear the Muslim Abaya and headscarf. She was also the first woman to fly a fighter in combat, and the first to command a squadron in combat in U.S. history. She has served on Capitol Hill as a Legislative Fellow for Sen. Jon Kyl. And after the attacks of 9-11, Col. McSally helped plan and lead our initial air campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. She is an expert on combating terrorism, cyber warfare, missile defense, and most recently was serving our country by teaching the principles of democracy, capitalism and international security to world leaders from around the globe at the Marshall Center.


Her experience, proven willingness to fight for the Constitution, and her passion for principled conservative government combine to make Col. McSally one of the best candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives that I have come across in many years. Our nation is at a crossroads. We need strong leaders to put us back on the path to prosperity. We need leaders who are principled but not divisive and know how to achieve results instead of gridlock.  Col. McSally is one of those leaders. Voters in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District are lucky to have such a distinguished, capable, experienced leader available to represent them. I wholeheartedly endorse Col. Martha McSally. It’s time to rekindle the flame of true Reagan conservatism. Martha McSally is the spark.” — Michael Reagan


“I am humbled and pleased to have earned the endorsement of Michael Reagan. I am proud to be recognized for continuing the tradition of true Reagan conservatism, and this is yet another indication that my campaign continues to gain momentum heading into the election.” — Martha McSally



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