Is There Life After Death?

Rick Madison’s Book, Raised from the Dead’ Gives Proof

CLEVELAND, March 2, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Very few people have died and lived to tell about it. Rick Madison belongs to that elite fraternity. A night of partying and drugs ended in a horrible car accident. Rick was rushed to the hospital only to be pronounced dead-on-arrival. He had multiple fractures, including a broken neck. His spleen, aorta and right lung were ruptured. Doctors put him on life support and performed nine surgeries. Several times, his family was advised to make funeral arrangements. Richard’s praying mother refused to stop believing for a miracle. After twenty-seven days, Richard’s liver and kidneys shut down. Then he contracted double pneumonia, hepatitis, blood poisoning and jaundice. Since there had been no brain activity since his admission, doctors decided that he should be removed from life support and transferred to a funeral home. Then the miracle happened!

Rick’s spirit left his body, and he was transported to the hospital chapel where he saw his mother praying. Suddenly, Rick felt a hand cover his head and heard the words: “I am going to give you another chance to live for Me and tell the world that I still perform miracles and I am coming again.”

Immediately, Richard woke up. The infections had disappeared. Full brain activity had returned and his neck was no longer broken. He asked the startled nurse if there was a church in the building. She explained there was a chapel on another floor. Rick asked if someone could go there and tell his mother God had healed him. She countered, “How do you know your mother’s there?” Much to her surprise, he said, “I just came from there.” Eight weeks later Rick walked out of a wheel chair when he heard God’s voice saying, “Arise and walk by faith.” Since then he’s lived completely free from drugs and alcohol.

Rick Madison also claims God gave him a gift of healing. For years he’s traveled worldwide, preaching the Gospel and praying for the sick. Many miracles have happened, including twenty people waking up out of comas. Rick’s powerful book is available in English and Spanish. He has shared his story on numerous interviews including 700 Club and Daystar.

For quotes or scheduling interviews, contact Deeper Revelation Books publicist, Vicki Nichols: 423-478-2843 or Free review copies of “Raised from the Dead” are available upon request.

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